He's Yours, Your His, Who's Mine?
You have him
And he has you
Now someone tell me
What do I have to do

He doesn't see the things I see
He doesn't know the word respect
Is it the person or just the thought of it?
That he had really fallen in love with.

Did he take your feelings into consideration
Or did he just pretend to stall
Why? You might ask.
I was just wondering, that's all.

They all tell me that I'm nice
But that doesn't cut it does it?
It seems a certain gender
Likes the not so gentlemanly

So really now you all pair up
Once again I'm the odd one out
Some say I'm odd all together
But who are they to judge

Now you've split like a cracked lip
Bleeding hearts but are they really
Or is it you who was hurt
And he was spared from any harm?

Tell me that he actually felt bad
Or did he just feel obliged
Moving on quickly as can be
Through his facade all can see

Isolated as I am
I know how this game works
I'm sitting on the bench
And I'm just waiting to be put in.