Tell Me
Tell me can a person really change?
Or am I too far out of my range?
What about feelings, how do they mould?
Or am I going to be left here in the cold?

It's something I've never considered
Wether someones feelings could change
One day if they could be the same
If that day ever came...

I wonder about what a person sees
About what another person feels
And if they can feel a certain way
What would it take for those feelings to stay?

Is it not possible?
Or is it something I have to do?
Then again maybe I'm out of the picture
Maybe it just all has to do with you

I said I wouldn't give up
And I damn well wasnt lieing
Doesn't matter what I gotta go through
How many nights are spent crying?

Tell me that one day there is a chance
Tell me that it is possible
Tell me that it'll just take time
Becaus those are minutes I'd gladly be spending.