I Won't Let You
I won't let you keep me away
You could push me away, all you wanted
See if you push something away
It's bound to bounce right back

It's quite a feeling to have the thing that keeps you alive
Hurt so many times you just wanna quit
But now theres this oddity
Somethings new with it

Maybe I'll have to prove myself wrong
After all you can't lose a bet with yourself
So a risk or two is in order
Take down my walls, open up the border

After all I'm not going anywhere
Time invested is time well spent
And you know we're not talking about money
Because what I'm investing in, no money could ever come close to

Money is worthless in the scheme of things
But not what I want, I won't let anyone deter me
I'm ambitious, and I won't lie it's kind of addictive
Ambition kicks in again, it's active

I won't let you deflect them
I won't let anyone tell me I can't
And maybe I won't and maybe I can't
But maybe for once in my life I've found something that I actually think is worth trying for

Didn't someone say do or do not there is no try?
Ambitions' wings begin to fly
Let me tell you this
It's gonna be either hit or miss

I won't let time set me back
Time is only one obstacle
There's one big red monster
Who scares me the most.