Okay so the background on this story is that its a killer story does pick up after these first few I will take requests on how the people will die and what they should look like and what please be kind with the reviews I know this story could be better and it does get ill continue with it if enough people read I am taking suggestions on ways that I can fix the story or improve it.

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Kuro Omoi

March/05/07 Entry #1

"Why me….why is it always me?"

Today my parent's died and now I'm living with the creepy guy next door to me. He told me today that we are moving. He also said that I won't be going to school anymore. And he's not joking. Well not having to go to school is good but what about friends? I really don't want to leave them behind. But as usual I have no choice. I should probably call them and say good-bye before it gets to late. I think that's all that has happened today. Well until tomorrow good-bye


March/06/07 Entry #2

"Moving day……how boring"

Well I said good-bye to my friends last night. I still had to get up early since we spent the entire day packing. We leave tonight. I still don't know where we are going. But oh well. I guess I should be a little sad about leaving my hometown but for some reason I'm not. I did ask if I could say god-bye to my parents by going to their grave. He said yes but not for long. The sad thing is I don't know his name. We are finished loading the boxes into the truck. Here we go onto my new home and a life without friends. Good-bye


March/07/07 Entry #3

"Home sweet….shoot me"

We got to the new house by 3:00 am. I'm still very tired. The house is on the outskirts of some town. In another province! We moved form B.C to Alberta. I think we are near Red Deer. The house is fairly new only 5 years old. There are 4 floors:basement,1st floor,2nd floor and the attic. My room is on the second floor right next to the door that leads to the attic. The room in in is painted a dark blue. The main colors on the wall are blue's or blacks. Some rooms are red. There's a good amount of furniture a T.V no computer and no phone. In my room is a bed a desk and a chair. The window is nice it is wide enough for me to sit on. I finally asked what his name is. He said that's its Ceil. Well I finally have a name that I can call him by. Though Ceil won't let me into the basement. He said he wanted to use if got something I wonder what it is? Oh well this is my new home now. I have no choice. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think it will be. Good-bye


March/08/07 Entry#4

"This is the end…..of innocence"

Well I spelt a lot of the day away yesterday. But today was another day that I had to get up early. Ceil has invited one of his friends to stay over for the rest of the week. His name is Kuro. He seems like he holds a lot of secret's. I don't really trust him. Ceil says that he is nice and tells me to trust him. But how can I trust Ceil when he took me away from my friends? I really want to leave but where would I go? I don't know anyone here. I guess when I'm 18 I can leave. Ceil is up in the attic I can hear him talking. It sounds like Kuro is with him also. I wonder what they are doing? I should find out tomorrow. I think Kuro and Ceil are going into town for a few hours. I hope there isn't a lock on the attic door. Good-bye


March/09/07 Entry#5

"Many secrets….told and found"

Well Ceil and Kuro left early this morning to go back into town. Yesterday when they left I went into the attic. It was full of empty boxes, spider webs and dust. But what I did find where chains, gun's, staple guns, swords, matches, knives, oil, car fuel, spikes and a lot of other weapon type things. I have to admit I was a bit scared. What are they going to use it for? I hope they aren't going to torture people. I also went into the basement. There are even more chains down there. Some are on the wall. There are also whips down there. I have to admit that I'm really scared now. What is Ceil planning? Is he going to kill me? I also went into Kuro's room. I found a gun under some of his pants. I wonder if they plan on killing someone? Oh their home now and are calling for me. Let's hope they don't kill me tonight. Good-bye