Kuro Omoi

March/15/07 Entry #11

"Blood, guts…….I want more"

The blood. The death. It's playing over and over again in my mind. Ceil and Kuro are making me watch the most bloody, violent movies there are. And somehow I can't get enough. I want more. More death more blood. Heck I'm cutting myself for pleasure know. Oh Kuro brought some man to our house last night. He has brown greasy hair, brown eyes and is no taller then me. I think his name is Brandon. Or something like that. I wonder where he is going to sleep. Good-Bye


March/16/07 Entry #12

"How to kill……a stranger"

Brandon is sleeping in the basement. Last night I was getting some water and I heard something metal hitting a wall. Curiosity won and I went into the basement. And there was Brandon. Chained to the wall, cuts all over his body. At first he didn't noticed me but once he did he started screaming. I wasn't sure of what to do. So I ran out of the room. Brandon continued to scream for the rest of the night. Thought things are silent now. I wonder what happened. Good-Bye


March/17/07 Entry #13

"Blood all around"

Brandon told. Ceil and Kuro know I went down to the basement. I will kill Brandon for that. I want to shot him! I swear he will die. I don't see why they punish me though. Im not going to tell anyone. But yet here I am. Locked in my room. They said they would unlock the door later tonight. Hmmmm…….I bet they wont lock the basement door. And I bet they will be fast asleep in a few hours. Maybe I should pay Brandon a visit. Good-Bye


March/18/07 Entry #14

"Where…..where to hide the remains"

They encouraged me. Last night I went down to the basement. Brandon awake as soon as I entered the room. He looked worse then before. His face was swollen and he had a lot more cuts. His skin was gone from his fingers and blood was on the floor. "I hate you" was the only thing I said to him. On the table was a lot of new weapons and a gun. I wasn't going to use that since it would be to loud. So instead I grabbed a knife. I can still remember the look Brandon gave me. "What are you doing?" he had yelled at me. I didn't reply but I did stab him through the shoulder. He screamed. And the more he screamed the madder I got. Soon my hands where covered in blood and the blood puddle had grown. "Amaia what are you doing?" Brandon's screaming had woken Ceil and Kuro! "Killing him" I pointed the knife at Brandon as I said that. "Then continue" Kuro took a seat and watched me. Then Ceil took a seat and watched as well. I was shocked but Brandon's struggling made me turn my attention towards him. The rest of the night Ceil and Kuro watched as I slowly killed Brandon. But now…what do we do with the body? Good-Bye


March/19/07 Entry #15

"It won't come off…..the blood"

My hands and hair still stink of blood. I've had a shower about 20 times. But it won't go away. Kuro says that it's gone. But I know its not. I can still feel it on my hair and hands. Oh Ceil and Kuro told me what all the chains are for. They enjoy torturing people. Sounds fun. They said I could kill! And I'm aloud to go to town now! Oh we have a new victim. Her name is Marie. She has short reddish brown hair. Her eyes are brown. And she doesn't seem to smart. Good-Bye