April 29, late at night.

I've been weighing the advantages of sleep for an hour when I think I hear something through my window. I sleep with it open, so it's not that weird, but it just sounds so close.

"Lindsey?" I almost think I hear someone say. It's just the voices in your head, I tell myself, and for a terrified second I worry if that's what's really happening. That is, of course, until I hear it again, clearer and louder, coming from but a few feet away from my bed.

I put on the glasses I never wear in public and cautiously peer through my blinds, only to see the dyed-blonde hair that has been so familiar lately.

"Johnny?" I whisper. "What the hell are you doing here?!" He smiles cockily, the way I love.

"Yesterday you said you'd see me in two days, and I've got two minutes until midnight." My crystal blue eyes grow wide for a second, and I instantly wonder if that's all he's up to. I poke my head out farther. My window overlaps the driveway, and Johnny is standing where my mom's car will be tomorrow morning when she gets home from her shift.

If it were anyone else, I might have freaked out. Unless it was Jianna, but she would never even come close to dreaming about leaving the comfort of her house on a school night. But, my dad had been sound asleep for four hours already all the way on the other side of the house, and thinking about being alone – this time in a bed! – with Johnny sent the squeamish, excited feeling through me again.

Besides, it was freezing and wet outside. Johnny stood there before me, shivering, and I was supposed to tell him to turn around and walk home?

Well, at least I have an excuse.

I silently gesture for him to hoist himself up through my window, and he complies gratefully. It's not a very big climb, and with his experience with the tree and the aid of my hand, he manages to silently and efficiently get into my room in no more than a few seconds.

"Oh god, you're cold!" I exclaim as quietly as I can as he accidentally brushes against me, reaching for a blanket to warm up with. He nods.

For a few minutes I do what I can to help him regain heat – I let him put his arms around me, and it's how I imagine Edward must feel to Bella. Why does it never mention him making her shiver from the cold?

"Look," he says, almost sadly. "The real reason I came was to ask you not to tell Eddie."

I know instantly what he's talking about. I was worried he would tell. It's not that I'm worried about him knowing we like each other or anything; it's obvious. And we're over each other.

So why would either of us have such a problem?

Eddie isn't totally straight. He likes girls…but he's attracted to guys, too. He told me while we were still dating, and I brushed it off as best I could, not wanting him to think I felt awkward around him, even if I did. He liked me still, after all.

"I wouldn't have," I say honestly. "I couldn't hurt him like that."

Besides being bi, Eddie has a thing for Johnny just as strong as I do. Unfortunately for him, my Johnny doesn't roll that way, and he'd much rather be in a closed room with me than with his best friend. Actually, he'd rather be in a closed, dark room with hairy bugs nibbling his toes, but only because Eddie does whatever he can to be alone with the poor boy.

Knowing what I mean, he agrees, and an awkward, silent moment passes between us. Just for something to do, I move closer to him. He's not as cold now, so it doesn't sting like when he first got in.

Johnny takes advantage of the situation. Apparently the only thing going through his brain is Alone in Room + Girl Moving Closer = Let the Games Begin. He looks down into my eyes. His are that dark shade of blue again, but it might just be the darkness of the night. Either way, he brings himself softly to me.

He's gentler than he was the first time. Now that he's gotten the extreme excitement out of his system, he's taking things a little smoother. We're actually able to go about five minutes before he starts to put his tongue out, asking for entrance. I grant it to him, and he leans me back on the bed.

Because of what happened before, Johnny knows that I'll let him touch me, and right now, I'm not wearing a bra. He slips his hand under the thin blue cotton tee I chose to sleep in tonight, and I push my chest upwards toward his hand when he makes contact. I lose control of my breathing again, and, much to my dismay, he removes his body from mine.

"Too much for one night, babe?" I frown, and he laughs lightly. "I have to go back. God only knows what'll happen if anyone finds my bed empty back at home." I nod unhappily, and he takes my hand before slipping out the window.

"See you again later today," he whispers from the ground, and he leaves, simple as that. On weekdays we always meet in the early evening under the tree, except for Wednesdays, when Eddie has family night and I hang out with Jianna.

If we can all be together, I'll bring her tomorrow. She's never actually spoken to Johnny, even though they have 1st period together. And, of course, she's been wondering what I possibly do the whole time I'm there with the boys.

If only she knew…