Daniel realized that he had been traveling in circles for the longest time. The singing flowers were already quiet and he could smell a delicious meal nearby. This could only mean that he was expected to be home a few hours ago. He was not known to giving up but he had never felt so hopeless in all his life that the thought of his soft feather bed in the castle almost made him slump to the ground and cry like a child.

He looked overhead and through a small gap from the trees' leaves, he saw the sky studded with stars. He had heard how stars looked like but it's the very first time he had seen them. It's the very first time for any Thessalonian to see stars- at least not for thousands of years. Daniel couldn't understand how it made him feel. He had never, for the life of him, expected to see them twinkling at him as if they were consoling him. As if by counting all the stars, he would figure out some secret trail that would lead him to find his way home again. But he knew that was too impossible...

His thoughts were interrupted as he now realized why the stars had shown. 'Without the dark, there would be no stars', his mind told him. 'They must go hand in hand.'

With horror to his face, he saw the mountain. He was too preoccupied with his problems that he did not notice this until now:

The mountain who once had crystals and diamonds occupying each of its tiny space had extinguished it's light. The mountain which used to shine in magnificence was now nothing but a shadow of black and blue. Once, in it's splendor,it never failed to give light to the inhabitants of the land of the fairies but now, Daniel was blinking in such darkness that stars outshone the mountain. Or rather, the mountain didn't shine at all.

'What are stars? They are nothing compared to the mountain of Haslo. It cannot give you sufficient light as you journey across the land. It cannot prevent you from getting lost in the forest of Finia'- and that's the place were Daniel is right now.

The once bluish-green mountain which was said to be sleeping for thousands of years gave out more light and happiness and now that the mountain has awakened, Daniel was doomed. He would be stuck in this forest forever.

Thinking about how his life would end sent shivers down his spine. He was indeed scared, lost, hungry and-

The sound of someone crying made his mind hush about his unfortunate state. He looked behind him and saw no one. Tried as he might of looking for the source of the noise (which was not easy given his limited vision), he wasn't able to see anyone... elf, fairy, human- perish the thought!

The idea of having a human inside Thessalonia was unthinkable enough to the point where he could not believe himself for bringing it up. No... Impossible. Maybe the crying was of out of this world. He had indeed heard about ghosts of dead fairies, but a human? Perish the thought!