Why do people say goodbye

Make each other hurt and cry

When goodbye can mean two things

Could mean stay

Could mean leave

Could mean please fight for me

Could mean please leave me be

Goodbye could be


The meaning is

Often Blurred

A person could be reaching out

Hoping you would catch

The broken them that was falling

And hoping you'd both match

Each others souls

Each others hearts

The things that often pull people apart

Goodbye can mean

I want you out

It could mean

Without a doubt

You hurt me bad

You hurt me so

I want you gone

You are my foe

Goodbye could mean

Hold me close

I want you hear

Don't we both

It could mean

That I am scared

Scared of the feelings I hold dear

Scared that maybe

Deep inside

I love you so

Your how I survive

It could mean

I want you gone

Go away

And take your harm

And sometime goodbye is just a word

A word used every day

A word that means

Good bye for now

Till tomorrow

Or later on

Goodbye can mean many things

Means come here

Go away

Or not for long