Heart: The End of the Voyage


I was crying on the ship's deck when a voice behind me said "What's wrong lady?"

I looked up and saw beyond my tears that he was a lad who probably has the same age as my daughter- ten.

"I lost my heart in the sea," I said. And with this, he was slightly taken aback. Of course I didn't expect him to understand. He was, after all, just a little boy.

"The sea?" he asked. He was very confused now that his blue eyes were frowning.

"Yes, It has been wasted away..." I said.

He was thinking that I'm crazy. I knew it. It was obviously shown on his transparent face, but he surprised me when he said "No, you did not lose it."

"How can you say so?" I asked.


I saw the lady at the deck that day, ten years ago. She was crying while telling me about her missing heart. I was not expecting to realize what she had told me but as I looked at her pale face and her brown eyes, I found out what she was trying to say. And I understood.

"How can you say so?" she asked.

"Lady, your heart was never lost. It has traveled... to search for it's missing part." I told her. "Whenever you open up yourself to others, you're sharing them your heart. So whenever you share, like what your doing now, you're giving me a part," I said, memorizing the words my mother told me. "That's what my mother told me. She said she never locked her heart and threw the key for the right person to find. Instead, she shared her heart. And if you're sharing like what you're doing now, lady. It means you still have your heart with you."

"Dear boy, what a great wisdom you have. You see, my husband is a ship captain, and he drowned with his ship month's ago..." the lady trailed between her tears.


My mother told me about the boy, the boy which she introduced to me ten years ago. I was with my mother on that ship. Like her, I was also crying that time that I did not take in even a little detail of the boy. I even forgot his name.

My mom also told me the story about how she let her heart wander... to share herself and reach out to others and not stay and grieve. And I was so taken with her encounter with the boy that now, ten years later, I find myself desperately looking for him. He has helped my mother cope up with my father's lost. And I want to find him.


I was pacing the deck as I saw the maiden wearing a pink dress. Our eyes met for a moment and I felt sparks shoot from my body. She must have been feeling it too because I saw her immediately look away.

But I approached her and asked "Have we met?"

"I believe no," she said shyly, with the softest voice I have ever heard since Mercede, Cherilyn's mother.

"Are you Cherilyn?" I asked, and her eyes lit up.

"Yes, how do you-"

"I've been waiting for you."


I was so happy I met David that day. It was as if all my exhaustion of searching for him has vanished. I was so happy when he said that he was waiting for me. I don't know how it worked, but somehow, I felt as if I have already come to the end of my heart's journey. And the most extraordinary thing was that David told me that he too has.

From that day on, we were hardly separated from each other. It's as if we were the missing pieces of the same puzzle. And I realized that David meeting my mother was not purely coincidental. That time, he left a piece of his heart to me... But I wasn't aware of it, because his heart journeyed through my mother before it ended up with me.


Now I know about the end of the heart's voyage. The voyage where you're required to leave your heart to other people and let it find it's own missing part. And Cherilyn, left me her heart.

And I found it.