You looked at me with such despair

I held you tight and stroked your hair

You brought me closer down to the floor

I never could have asked for more

We lay there in the silent night

Body's close and hands locked tight

I kissed your lips so soft and smooth

We both had nothing left to lose

Or so I thought the day it started

Till the day we both parted

Losing you I could not bare

Your sensitive touch, smell of your hair

I drowned for days in my sorrow

Always waiting for tomorrow

Thinking you would change your mind

Till the day I came to find

Without you things were fine

I didn't care if you were mine

My heart you broke, this is true

But finally I got over you

I didn't care if you walked by

I didn't feel the urge to cry

And then you said we need to talk

I said fine went for a walk

I felt my heart drop when you said

I want you back in my bed

I didn't know what to do

So I just stopped to look at you

Your brown hair sparkling bright

Your eyes begging me not to fight

Your hands shaking by your thighs

Your trembling lips I cant deny

So I said fine well try again

What a mess I got in

I'm being ditched and ignored

My heart it seems has hit the floor

I want to leave, but yet im scared

I feel as though im unprepared

You went away for the weekend

Gives my heart time to mend

When you return I must say no

I must turn ask you to go

No more talking, we are done

Time to look out for number one