I saw your face

I saw your stare

I saw the look

That you don't care

I saw your approach

Sway of your hips

I saw you shake

Bite your lips

I knew it was coming

The words I dread

The words goodbye

I shook my head

I asked you why

You could say

Ill never forget

The pain that day

I tried to talk

No words would come

I tried to come

Tears, there were some

I tired to look you in the face

Your eyes they stared

My heart it raced

My mind was screaming run and hide

My heart was screaming not goodbye

My hands they shook

My feet went numb

No words to say

Must overcome

You turned

You walked

Never looked back

Feelings for me you must lack

I will move on

I swear I will

That doesn't mean

The pain won't kill

Kill my heart

Kill my soul

There's part of me that won't let go

It wants to hold you

Wants that kiss

Wants it all that I dearly miss

But you said goodbye

It's the end

This broken heart

It must mend