The Girl walks down the hallway, quietly. She doesn't want to be known because She knows they would never understand Her. They wouldn't understand why She cries, why She laughs, or why She is cold. Her footsteps are soft on the tile floor as She walks quickly to her class. She knows He will be near. He will be near.

The Girl turns around the corner, and Her heart leaped when She saw Him. For a split second She saw Him, but She saw so much in the split second. She saw His eyes, His shoulders, His social friends, yet that is not all. She always noticed how His eyes burned in a faraway memory, or in a wishful dream. She saw Him slouched His shoulders, trying to withstand the heavy pain. She saw him laugh with his friends, but she saw him shaking nervous. Timid, but dazed in star struck, the Girl watches Him slowly and Her head looking straight forward. She will not back down, they will not hurt Her.

The next second shocked the Girl. He turned his attention to her, and for a moment, She thought He saw Her. His eyes looked at her quickly, but again so much a happened. There was a mixture of anger, pain, and surprise. Scared, the Girl turned Her head to the window. She didn't want to be known. Hurt and pain were buried deep within Her, and She tried to pushed them back down. She didn't understand why He ignored Her in public, but it didn't matter. She didn't need Him, She didn't want to want Him, but the Girl knew it was false.

She craved Him. She hoped he would keep Her safe, that He would understand. The Girl winced in pain at the wishful, foolish thinking, as she watched the harlot grabbed Him by the neck. Of course, thought the Girl, she gets him. I'm unknown. The Girl continued Her walk down the hallway. She couldn't watch Him anymore, the pain She couldn't bear anymore, but at least She could wait for him. Just in case.

Just in case.