It's one thing to not like today's lineup of children shows, but all this "This isn't 'real' entertainment" and "Kids wouldn't like [insert old show here] because they like this crap'" is unnecessary. It is just ignorant to assume that just because this generation of kids likes what airs on TV and radio nowadays means that none of them would like things that past generations grew up on. That's an absurd stereotype. I'm 20, and my favorite music genre always has been soul music, which was around long before I was born. I'd rather listen to soul, rock & roll, 80s pop, etc. than today's R&B and rap music, but that could be another rant. I also prefer shows, movies, cartoons, etc. from the 90s and older to whatever is out now.

Why do people get so upset about current-generation kids watching current-generation entertainment, anyway? It's not their fault they weren't born in your or my time. If they were, they probably wouldn't be called "children". I'm sure if you were born in this generation, you'd like most of the things they like. Of course we (80-90s babies) love 90s shows. What 1990s kid did not like them?

This is the year 2009, people, and unlike in the 1990s and before, kids' channels (Nickelodeon, Disney, etc.) don't air old entertainment anymore. You can't blame the kids for not knowing all the details of shows that aired over 50 years ago.

When I was growing up, Nick at Nite had I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke etc. Nickelodeon had Gumby, Looney Tunes, Lassie, etc. Disney had Mickey's Mouse Tracks, Jungle Cubs, Donald's Quack Attack, etc. Cartoon Network had Tom & Jerry, Underdog, The Flintstones, etc. They don't do that anymore. I'll admit, yes, it's unbalanced, and yes, airing them would be much better than a marathon of _____________ every day, and they are definitely tearing out their own roots when they shelf their own classics. But that's the way life is. Some channels canceled our parents' favorite shows to make room for ours, yet we liked our shows.

Some people say these new shows are mindless. Uhhhhh... aren't we the same kids who grew up on Ren & Stimpy? I liked that show, but what 2000-2009 show could possibly top the stupidity of that? We're talking about a show that was full of senseless violence, snot, blood, and male ass. A show like that wouldn't even be considered for kids nowadays with all the political correctness of our society. It barely made it on the air in its own time. Ren & Stimpy alone should be enough to kill the whole "New shows are stupid" argument coming from a 90s kid.

Other people say that kids can't relate to most TV shows. First off, what kid searches channel after channel for a show that resembles his/her own life? We had plenty of shows we couldn't relate to, but we found them enjoyable. Could most of you relate to a bunch of teenagers who work at a ranch (Hey Dude)? Does Johnny Bravo's life look anything like yours? Are you a celebrity who wants to be average, like The Famous Jett Jackson? From what I can tell from Nick's schedule, some shows seem realistic.

And yet others say these shows will turn young girls into sluts. No TV show has the power to make little girls grow into the second coming of Sharon Stone. I heard it's because of the kissing between teenaged characters. [Bus driver voice]You are now leaving Disneyland. Next stop: The Real World[/Bus driver voice]. Children have sat through Spider-Man kissing MJ and Felicia/Black Cat on channel 5, watched Doug and Patti (in a bikini, no less) kiss mouth-to-mouth, and have seen Mickey and Minnie kiss on nearly every piece of merchandise they've ever been on. Not to mention, children see plenty of kissing in their lives, whether its their parents, older siblings, strangers, or even each other. But they'll become prostitutes when they see Drake Bell kiss random girls on TV? In the 21st century?

There are grown men/women saying, "My favorite show is better than yours", "If I was a kid right now, I wouldn't like these shows", and things of that nature. Leave the childish insults to the young children. You are some liars if you really believe that if you were a child of this generation, you would hate their entertainment. There's nothing wrong with adults watching cartoons, but don't be surprised when they don't interest you, because there may be one simple explanation: Maybe you grew out of children shows. Think about it-- if these kids grew up on Kenan & Kel and Little Bear instead of iCarly and Dora the Explorer, which would they most likely prefer?

We may not like it, but Nickelodeon is gaining its highest ratings ever. That's why the NEW employees continually make NEW shows for NEW fans rather than worry about constant complaints from grown men and women. Nickelodeon is the first network for KIDS, not 'the first network for disgruntled teenagers and 20-somethings'. Last I saw, Nick GAS was airing too much of the same shows and either canceled or moved the good stuff to late at night, and Nicktoons TV is pretty much dead as far as old school goes, so what makes you still think they give a crap about former fans?

CN is going live action, so I agree that somebody needs to kick their HQ doors down for that. Boomerang doesn't seem to be affected, so what's the problem, other than "Cartoon" Network making hypocrites of themselves?

To be honest, I haven't watched The Disney Channel in over 5 years, but (imo) it's the biggest shame of all to its namesake. No more Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc. No more Silly Symphonies, 2D animation, and there is a big lack of musicals films. Whose idea was it to kill off nearly everything ever made by Disney's own creator? But in any case, they're still topping the box office, aren't they? Not only that, but their channel's highest ratings come from 2000 shows. As long as the money keeps coming, they couldn't care less what we think about their new material.

I agree on some points that people make. But some of them are simply pathetic. You can't get into these shows? Change the channel. You want to see old shows? Obviously, you have a computer, so download or stream them; don't bother wasting money on DVDs from the greedy idiots who forgot you. You hate your child's/sibling's favorite show? Too bad, they love it.

How do you think our parents and older siblings felt when their shows were pulled off the air to make room for ours? How do you think children are going to feel when their shows get replaced by the next wave? It's just a never-ending cycle: Generation A likes these shows, they grow up, these shows get replaced by those shows, Generation B likes those shows, Gen A complains about how entertainment is dying. That has to be one of the most pathetic life cycles. Our parents said the same things about what we now deem as classics: "My favorite channel was good, now it's going downhill. Kinda hard for something to go downhill when they get more and more fans year after year.

We have Internet, CDs, cassette tapes, VHS, DVDs, spinoff channels, and reruns -- what more do you need to review your past entertainment? We have more resources than our elders, yet some of us complain just as much. If you want to know some websites, PM me and I'll be glad to tell you where to download some shows.