I hear a lot of people talking bad about Dan Schneider. Because Dan created some of the Nick sitcoms of today, it's all his fault that Nick is going downhill. He churned out shows like Zoey 101 and iCarly. Big loser, huh? You know, I find it really funny that so many so-called "experts" on Nickelodeon actually claim that the creator of Kenan & Kel and All That doesn't know how to make good shows.

I once heard someone say that sitcoms that target children rely more on randomness than "real" comedy. Really? You mean shows like All That didn't have random situations, like a boy somehow pulling Abraham Lincoln out of his pants? Tom & Jerry didn't star a cat who somehow gathers various weapons just to kill a mouse? Thelma (A Pup Named Scooby Doo) couldn't retrieve random items from her pocket to get her friends out of traps? What shows did you people grow up to?

Some say post-2000 shows have too much content that is inappropriate for kids, whether it be something as barely noticeable as "Oh, sugar honey iced tea!" in Madagascar, or something more intense, such as a fight. First off, let me just say I don't believe in the "Children shouldn't watch certain shows because they are too young" mentality. Not all kids are as gullible and impressionable as people say, but I'm sure you've read that in my other rants. Anyway, in the 90s, kids not only had Ren & Stimpy, but they had Rocko's Modern Life, which went even further than R&S, adding even more subliminal "adult" content -- mainly sexual themes -- that plenty of kids understood, considering that most of them are nowhere near as ignorant as society claims they are. All That had plenty of scenes where teenaged boys ended up half-naked. An episode of Kenan & Kel even had Kel dress as a pregnant woman and give birth to a "fluffy baby pillow".

I've even heard that children shows today are too PC and don't have enough violence and "adult" content. Make up your minds, people. Is there too much "adult" content, or too little? Cartoon Network has Adult Swim, which most kids watch regardless, and don't give me crap about how they don't. Nick has a show called The Naked Brothers Band. Weird name, but the title alone screams "Pervert!" to paranoid people, although we 90s kids had Weinerville. Hannah Montana is apparently a prostitute-in-training, whatever that is. Nothing I just mentioned sounds very PC to me.

And then there's people who think that everything new today is a rip-off of yesterday. You know what? You're right. Drake & Josh is a rip-off of Kenan & Kel, right down the to "Accidental Trip to Hollywood" specials. Ned's Declassified is a rip-off of Clarissa Explains It All. As Told By Ginger is... well, was a rip-off of Doug. You know what else? All That was a rip-off of Saturday Night Live. So Weird was a rip-off of The X-Files. Tiny Toon Adventures was a rip-off of Looney Tunes. What difference does it make what copied what? Virtually everything we know is in one way or another a replica of something that came first, and not just TV shows. I'll bet plenty of 80s kids will tell me that most 90s shows are copies of their stuff. 70s kids will say that 80s shows are copies of 70s shows. Most of you probably think our rip-offs were good, and kids today feel the same about theirs. Nothing wrong with that, since every generation has plenty of copycats to choose from.

Once, I read a YouTube comment stating that kids shows of today teach kids to disrespect their elders. The bad part about it was that the author posted under Boy Meets World. You know, that show where a young Ben Savage disrespects Mr. Feeny in quite a few episodes? Then he/she had the nerve to imply that this never happened in the 90s. I guess this person never saw the opening of All That, where kids and teenagers constantly harass an adult for little to no reason. He/she must have missed out on almost every Nickelodeon promo, seeing that disrespecting adults was done a lot in those commercials, like in the "Takes Over Your School" sweepstakes ads where kids were encouraged to slime their principals. Even in the 80s, kids have been disrespecting elders on TV. Saved By the Bell and You Can't Do That On Television, anyone? Adults mistreat kids all the time. Why whine when it's the other way around? Especially when it's just on a TV show?

Even 90s shows that to this day air new episodes can't win. Older fans of Pokemon often complain about today's lack of variety and pointless movies. There is nothing new about Pokemon using the same plots over and over. Even in season one, the formula was usually one of two. Plot 1: Ash and friends get lost/meet a person with a problem, they get sidetracked, Team Rocket gets involved, TR blasts off (again), heroes/minor Pokemon save(s) the day. If not, then plot 2: Ash challenges gym leader, loses, trains/comes up with a strategy, and beats the leader. As far as movies go, The First Movie was probably the most pointless of them all. Mewtwo captures and clones Pokemon against their will, even though that's why he hates humans in the first place? Ash turns into a statue and is revived by tears? Mewtwo wipes everyone's memory after they found the moral of the story? Yet, original fans -- mainly under 12 years old -- loved that movie when it was in theaters.

Of course, one of the biggest complaints older fans have about cartoons and children shows is cast changes. Some people just hate to see and hear new characters or voice changes since the last time they saw the show, even if they haven't watched it in years. Wow. Keep in mind, geniuses, that child actors do a little something called getting older, meaning that they can no longer fill the "evil little brother/sister" role, or that they have a chance to further their careers. Even adult voice actors can leave their role because they don't want to spend another 10 years catering mainly to kids. Or they, you know, die and stuff. And if the show would have been simply canceled, you'd all be whining anyway. It's a no-win situation, so just be happy the show is still on the air.

You want your favorite childhood shows back on TV? Go out and buy the DVDs. While you're at it, watch the spin-off channels. Get a clue: the reason the DVDs are getting cancelled and the spin-off channels are losing old shows is not because the main channels are so popular or because "kidz r eville"; it's because of low sales and low ratings. You idiots are too busy making pointless petitions to get channels to bring back old shows, and watching the main channels just so you can pout at the new stuff, when you should have been watching Toon Disney, and now you have to deal with whatever Jetix is. If "fans" actually go out and buy DVDs of old shows, the marketers will say, "Hey, The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 1 just sold over a million copies! Let's get Season 2 on the shelves!" You'd think with the constant crying on YouTube, DVDs really would sell that much. But of course, society just loves to whine so loud that they can't hear Common Sense talking to them, which is why there are more whiny comments on YouTube than there are DVD sales.

Redone Conclusion: We have Internet, CDs, cassette tapes, VHS, DVDs, spinoff channels, and reruns -- what more do you need to review your past entertainment? We have more resources than our elders, yet some of us, or rather, YOU, complain just as much. The best way to get your shows back on the air is to take every chance you can to buy the DVDs and watch the reruns. Don't go out of your way to make the 1,000,001st "Why I'm a Grown Man Crying About Kid Shows" video like the channel executives give a crap. Grow up and shut up.