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Chapter 1: In Which Dexter is Challenged to a Game of Skill

"Rock, paper, scissors! Come on, what's the matter? Afraid you're gonna lose? Just one round, two out of three. Come on!" Dexter paced around the confines of the study room, egging someone, at the moment Christine, into playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. She put both hands to her head, getting tired of him asking her, "Ask Ashlea."

"I asked 'Flowers' and she pointed to you. So come on, amuse me." He replied, calling Ashlea by the familiar nickname he had given her. She finally gave in, saying, "Alright! One round, two out of three games. But there's gotta be a catch."

"Name it!" he replied, confidently. She thought about it for a moment before finally deciding what she wanted. "You have to take us on a camping trip," Christine said, pointing to Ashlea, who was reading, and Stephanie who was playing a game. "And you?" she asked.

He thought for a moment and looked around, "how about that piece of paper." He answered in his imitation Russian mafia voice, pointing to a random piece of paper. She sighed and shook her head, "Alright. You sure?" He nodded, shook out his shoulders in a pathetic warm-up movement, and got into what appeared to be a fighting stance. "Ready?"

She nodded in lazy agreement. Dexter raised his hands as she did, both lowering them as Dexter counted, "One, two, three." Dexter's hand was balled in a fist, the common sign for rock, while Christine's hand was flat, signaling paper. "One win," Christine said with a slightly out of character, impish grin. Dexter returned the grin, and repeated his warm-up movement, stretched his neck on both sides, and returned to the stance.

This time, as they went through the motions, Dexter's hand was flat to signal paper and Christine's hand signaled rock. She put her palm up to her face, while Dexter jumped back and said, "Ha! Oh yeah, come on! One more!" Ashlea couldn't help but comment, "You're really excited about winning that piece of paper with," she paused to glance at the paper, "the number thirteen on it aren't you?"

He sighed, "You weren't supposed to tell me what was on the paper." Ashlea shook her head, "How do you know I was telling the truth?" It was the moment of truth. The final round of rock, paper, scissors. Dexter and Christine both looked down at the other's hand. Dexter's scissors were dominated by the rock gesture she held. She stared at her hand and then up at Dexter, half grinning, "looks like you're taking us camping this weekend."

"No, come on I was just warming up. I think we need another one, just to confirm it." Christine paused, momentarily considering the thought but Ashlea grabbed her shoulder, "No, he already lost fair and square. You said ONE game, ONE round, two out of three; don't let him talk you into another one."

"Crap. Okay then, uh, Manny!" Everyone looked at the lobby entrance to see a crop of short, spiky, black hair enter upon hearing his name. "What's up Dexter?" he asked, fist pounding him. "Well, we were just discussing our plans to take a camping trip this weekend. I thought you'd like the chance. "

"No thanks, I'm kinda busy-" Manny began, but Dexter cut him off before he could finish, "Doing what?" Manny looked around, trying to come up with an excuse, but Dexter caught his motive. "Uh, look, I'll buy you some tacos when we get back. And while we're there I'll teach you to shoot. Just come on, don't leave me alone with them," he said jokingly. Manny paused, glancing at the ladies, and then gave him another fist pound. "Alright man. I'll go."

"Wait! I am going to bring Mike, if you don't mind," Stephanie said, getting up and running down to the guy's side of the dorm. Ashlea smirked, "This should be an interesting trip." It took her a couple of minutes to bring Mike into the study. He looked at Dexter saying, "I heard that I am going on a camping trip with Steph and you guys."

Dexter rolled his eyes at Stephanie, "Yeah I guess you're coming too. Anyone ELSE I should prepare for?" He looked significantly at Stephanie. Mike said, "Actually, if you don't mind, I think I'll convince Arby to come." Dexter sighed, but said nothing as Mike went back to the guys' side with the intent of dragging Arby out of bed.

Knocking on the door loudly, Mike said, "Arby! Arby open the door!" When the door opened, Arby groaned and was staring intently at the floor, appearing to have just woken up. "What is it?"

"You are coming with us on a camping trip this weekend." He said calmly. Arby looked up at him, "Okay," he replied, "why?" Mike explained what Stephanie had told him, involving the chance game and who was going.