Hold Back
I've been accused
My trust has been abused
Make your own conclusions
Nothing but delusions

Go ahead call me a fraud
Tell me that inside I haven't been clawed
Oh no my heart is cold and fake
What else do you want to take

I won't say nothing, oh no
I'll just let my anger go
You know why?
Because it clearly doesn't matter how hard I try

I can never say the right things
Bad luck is always what the wind brings
And now you want to tell me that I'm not true
Why don't you tell me that everything I say is a lie too?

I don't get angry, not not I
It's not an emotion I like to let fly
Frustrated, yes that's a better word
I'll let that one fly much like a bird

Doesn't matter what I say to you
I doubt you'll take it as true
Take these words for what you will
I feel the same way still