dear friend - ;;

the brokenhearted,

the silent sufferer,

the tattered pinwheel,

the you with your heart

upon your sleeve,

crossed out in black.

time doesn't heal,

but you could forget.

just for a moment,

let go of pretenses,

and run in the rain.

let their cool caress

revive your heart.

just for a moment,

let go of it all,

and scream.

release everything

you've hidden inside.

easy to see but

hard to console,

this is heartbreak.

so forget.

just forget.

and spin in circles,

let the colors blur

and let the lines fade,

faster and faster,

until you fall,

but don't stay down.

stand up tall,

close your eyes,

and listen to the wind

singing their song.

a pinwheel is beautiful,

but only when it spins,

so be beautiful;

be glorious.