Stab me deep in my soul

Stab me in my core

Stab me like you always do

Stab me just once more

Because the only time I'm living

Is when you hurt me bad?

The only time I'm living

Is when you make me glad

I feel so cold all the time

Knowing that you're gone

I feel like dying all the time

Knowing I'm your pawn

You drag me in

Then let me go

I'm your friend

Then I'm your foe

You say you're lost

Well so am I

More lost than you

You can't deny

I should have dropped you

Long ago

I should have stopped you

This I know

You make me want to run away

You make me want to cry

And some days when it's really bad

You make me want to die

I want to let you go away

Never to return

I want to show you how I feel

I want to make you learn

That when you hurt me

Like you did

When you joke

Or when you kid

You make me bleed

Deep inside

You make me wish

Pain would subside

You make me want to stab

Deep inside my body

Deep into my abs

But when you don't talk to me

Or ignore me all day long

I do not feel anything

Its nothingness prolonged

So id rather you torment me

Cuss at me

Call me names

Because at the end of it all

With or without you I will fall