I can't believe

It's finally done

My broken heart

Has overcome

For better turned to worse today

When I realized you were gone

Better turned to worse today

When I heard our favorite song

But worse is not so bad you see

Because today I found someone new

Someone twice as better

Twice as better than you

So worse turned out to be just great

No more sorrow

No more hate

Love and passion

Fills my heart

But wait

This is my favorite part

Goodbye to all your dumb games

Take them back

They were lame

Goodbye to yes and then no

Goodbye to you

Cause I know

I am great the way I am

And you just never gave a damn

One day you'll be all alone

But when you are

Pick up the phone

You'll see my name

Starring back

Do not call

This is a fact

Ill laugh and fall

Down to the floor

Because ill know

That you want more

But I moved on

Found someone new

Their twice as better

You can bet than you