God you are so beautiful

I can't help but stare

Your shinning lips

Your sweet soft skin

Your sexy short hair

How did I get this lucky?

I must have done something right

For you are just too beautiful

I can't help but write

My stomachs full of butterflies

My heart about to explode

Every time I look at you

I can't help but glow

The world it does stop spinning

When I am next to you

If I could, I promise

Id stick to you like glue

When you hold my hand I shiver

When you kiss my neck I smile

When you say you have to leave

My hearts screaming

Stay a while

If I could id hug you

From now until my death

Because when I'm not with you

It's hard to take a breath

This feeling is amazing

Never felt like this before

You have my heart saying

I can't wait for more

My heart was broken when I saw you

Now I'm back on my feet

God I am so lucky

That me and you did meet