To hold
To carry

Strung with fleshy strings along ones stomach
Held in your hands like a plastic grocery bag
Or hanging from your spine until you crack-
Odd angles sticking out with all the weight of a single child
A single world
One simple word filling like water between your lips and teeth
Until it pours a fountain down your chin and neck
Spilling onto the tops of houses and flooding us all out

It's that pause before a birth
Right in front of the screams and thrashes and joy
Swelled up inside the fibers of being
The burden of waiting


The vessel unfilled
Unfulfilled in its duty to be
A waste without trees and oceans
And plagued with the immovable fortress of rock
Guarding against fullness

An empty womb
Torn into strips of legs and blood
So much blood
Like swimming in the ocean as the tide turns red
Blissfully unaware at that grotesque tingling feeling
Crawling on hands and knees up your spine
Clawing with tiny fingernails at your mind
Reminders of your fatal loss


Opening all of my perceptions
Once concealed for a lifetime of winters
Eyes watching the darkest corners of the sheets seep to white
As another sunrise licks my skin in its entirety

My hips slowly rotate
Unbundled and bunching the layers fabric across my legs
Small infant sunbeams bloom along his edges
I trace them
Making dark shadows burst forth
We are the compliment of all things

Outside the window the world is pregnant
Silent and waiting to shed the quiet
Allowing life to scatter and merge from one end to the other
Holding hands in a chain of perfection

But for now this nakedness is enough
One breath shared between a myriad of words

He smiles
I wrap up all my expectations and ignite them
Nothing is more than this