I just want to talk to you,
person to person, friend to friend,
girlfriend to girlfriend, maybe
without romantic metaphors,
meaningless professions of false feelings,
self-deprecating admissions of guilt,
without cliche quips about forever
and never and then and now.
Can't we smile anymore?
Digging deep into the soul is nice
but I need a little mindless chatter.
Can't we be serious anymore?
Mindless chatter is nice
but I need a little digging deep.
I want us to be like we were at first
When we didn't know anything,
we learned about a whole new person
and spoke without anger
or disappointment
told our secrets without great fanfare
and waiting anticipation (apprehension?).
We weren't quite so serious
but in a way,
we were more so.
I want to be friends again.
So we can let go of
lingering resentments, the list of which
must be tattooed inside our eyelids
we remember it so very well.
In the end, we all just want
to be cared about.
We profess to care too much,
as if this is honestly a fault,
but honestly,
I think if we cared half as much
as we profess to,
I wouldn't write this letter at all.

(A/N: This is not to one person. It is not to a group of people. Parts of it are to one person, parts to groups of people, parts are to people as a whole. Parts are a mixture, somewhere between. Don't worry, muffins. I'm just as confused as you are.)