The sun dances over my head.

The grass tickles between my toes.

I breathe in.

I exhale.

I can hear the seconds tick

in time to my breathing.

A yellow dandelion

waves in the breeze

beside my ear.

A tree throws shade across my hand.

The sun moves across the sky.

Endlessly. Over and over and

over my head, yellow and bright.

The days pass.

Here I lie.

The grass dies

and regrows.

Snow falls and

melts and

falls and


I remain.

I do not move.

I do not change.

Buildings rise

Empires fall

Storms rage.

A man is killed near me

His blood stains

the yellow dandelion


The tree is cut down.

The seconds tick by

The years tick by.

I do not change.

I remain.