I saw your phrasing
knew that you knew I would notice it

In those eons
willing slave before gods
no more devoted servant could there have been
than my lips upon your feet

I did beg
and I did plead
for you to look
down upon the earth
to see that my prostrate form
was not only Hope
but a desperate warning

One day I would leave your country
abandoning home and hearth
a flight I could take only at the unloosing
of rage and kingly decrees

When I dove far enough under the water
to come out on the other side of the ocean
that was when the hourglass emptied
and from where I left it on your doorstep
you lifted it, looked at it, and divinity fell from you

now its carcass is always at your side
every hour you set the sand upon itself
but what is left to measure
without me there to hold the hands of time

Would that you had wanted more.