Boys, boys, boys.

-Lady Gaga

Oh, dear.

Those are my thoughts on the current situation, friends. I intended to go into more detail—wow you with vivid thoughts and images…but I can't. Why you may ask? There is a cat gripping my tongue for dear life at the moment which let me tell you, isn't complimenting my thudding heart. I've got to at least attempt not to lose my grip though because the moment I start sweating I can kiss the looks I'd suddenly acquired from Victoria's coiffing and primping goodbye.

But despite all of this, I, surprisingly, am not feeling any negative emotions. Sure, there was a little anxiety but other than that all I felt was excitement over his abrupt arrival. Strange, I know. Let's just not talk about it.

I took a deep breath, "Ace?"

"No, the creep from before…" He growled out. Well, those happy, little feelings didn't last long, huh, Charlie?

"Look," With my sudden outrage, I turned in his arms, "I don't have to— " Bad idea…I looked up into his eyes which were literally green with envy and wished I could grab my words out the air. He still had me pinned against the bar. His hair fell completely over his forehead, almost in his eyes. Ace had never been this incensed before. Well, never around me at least.

Oh, dear.

"What, Charlie?" He was meeting my gaze head on. "You usually have tons to say; always earbashing me." His voice never raised above a slow rumble. You'd think I'd have to strain just to hear him over the music but for some odd reason—or maybe I'm some sort of lip reader—I heard Ace flawlessly.

I shook my head and screeched over the music, "Just calm down!"

He answered, "No. Come with me."

I found myself shaking my head once again, trying to comprehend his words. My eyes were squinted and I swallowed, "What are you talking about? No!"

His jaw contracted and stay clamped shut as he hissed out, "Why the world not?!" Okay, he better lower his tone because he's beginning to really upset me. I pursed my lips in attempt to hold back the anger pooling inside of me. Almost as if reading my mind, he muttered out, "Why not? What's he to you, eh?" He brought his body closer to mine. His head ducked and soon enough, I felt his nose nuzzling my jaw, "He ain't got nothing on me."

I laughed, loving how arrogant and insecure he was. What a combination. "Oh really?" He brought his eyes up to meet mine. I smirked, challenging his already bruised ego, "How can you be so sure?"

Ace hissed out through clenched teeth, "I can show you better than I can tell you." …And that, my dear fellows, is when I lost eye contact with Ace. I gazed down at our pressed together figures. "That's what I thought." I rolled my eyes, fully aware the action would be lost to him, "Now let's go."

I popped back up, and pushed him away, "No, look, I told you I'm not leaving. Mandy and Victoria are still here. I'm not going to ditch my friends." Slowly but surely his eyes softened and I could see sudden realization and self-condemnation coarse through his system. I knew he felt remorseful for trying to insist on such a bitch-like action. See, he should learn to control himself and then he wouldn't have to be in this kind of disconcerted situation. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"C'mere, you softy." I cooed, mocking his immediate redemptive stance. He came and I wrapped my arms around his neck in a forgiving hug. Ace and I go back and forth it seems.


I dangled my freshly shaved legs into the pool and looked down at our interlaced fingers. His other hand was currently occupied as he took his crowning cigarette. His whole face was hidden from me. I was actually quite gleeful over the fact that he didn't want that polluted air anywhere near me. Ace was incredible—even though he lingered crazily on the last puff he was, in fact, giving up smoking. This was his last fag forever. He was stopping this appalling custom because I didn't like it.

He smashed it into the concrete savagely and inhaled deeply. His face was still turned away from me. I didn't know what to say to him so I was hoping he would look at me so I could offer a smile or maybe, kiss, wait, no. He has just been sucking on toxins, forget it. A smile shall have to do. Anyway, the point is there was nothing child's play about giving up an addiction.

I squeezed his hand and I finally got his attention, "Ace, I'm crazy proud. Trust me; your lovely, pink lungs will thank you." He gave me a lop-sided grin as I stared into my favorite feature on him for awhile.

He gave me the finger, telling me to give him a moment and began rummaging in his white jean pockets. He pulled out his cigarettes and handed them to me and then grabbed a pack of gum. I watched in abashment as he popped two pieces in his mouth. Then said, "Alright, we're apples now."

I laughed out "You're so fresh, Ace."

He kissed my hand and mumbled, "Literally, baby." I smiled and looked down at our feet still swaying gently through the crystal clear water. "So," He breathed out, "How do you like it?"

I guffawed, "Are you joking? How lucky can you dang Australians be? Your first home when you come to the new country is a gorgeous flat with a pool on the roof?!" I elbowed him daintily.

He scratched the back of his neck, "I think it may be illegal to do this without a permit; my bro and his mate installed it a bit ago so who even knows if it's safe." He shrugged and gave me another pleasant smile. Oh, my beating heart…

Ace convinced me to accompany him…I know, women never show back bones and I'm just another horrid cliché. But here's the story, the moment I returned to my lady friends and rehashed the entire scene (that they had been spying on, by the way) I was being shoved right back into his arms. Right, I could have still refused but I had a death threat hanging over my head if I didn't and I quote, "Get my little, dumb butt in that guy's car!" Yes, charming young ladies.

It was ridiculously romantic up here. From the dimly light torches with the flickering flames and the big round moon hanging temptingly in the sky, reflecting off the crystal clear pool, I had convinced myself I was in paradise. Not to mention, the lad seated right next to me and his strange Aussie music playing in the back round.

"Ah, I see." I swallowed hard, "Your family really does not care much for the law, huh?"

He smirked and shook his crazy curls, "Never. I remember when I was little my oldies would let Brock have the car when he was, what—like flipping thirteen?" He shook his head at the memory, "We hadn't a brass razzo," He furrowed his eyebrows, "or we hadn't any money…But God above, if we weren't happy as hell."

"Yeah, you and Brock seem to always be in good moods," I said, urging him to continue. He simply shrugged and put his arm around my shoulder. Ace kept silent and laid his head on my head. Well, I guess that was a no go. He breathed deeply, causing my hair to flutter into my eyes and I could smell the mint of his gum.

My heart started pounding but honestly, it wasn't because of the unrequited love I was feeling, no, it was pure anxiety. I have something to tell him. Now as my eyes are clenched shut and my fingers clasped tightly into little reassuring fists, I know I should just take the plunge. I swing my wet legs into his lap—hoping to get a reaction. But his eyes stay closed. So with a deep swallow, I speak with my eyes focused on my mahogany-painted toes, "I'm sixteen, you know?"

He separated from me slowly and nodded. "Well, I might be the only girl in my grade—well, maybe even in this city, it's quite possible, who's never been—" His hand went to my legs, stroking my calves lightly, "Who's never been—well—"

He kissed me.


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Earbashing: nagging
We're apples: we're alright, good

Mate: buddy boy
"We hadn't a brass razzo: We didn't have any cash