Atropa Belladonna

Atropa Belladonna is also called the Nightshade, a poisonous plant.

It will cause fatal harm if eaten. The plant represents:

Danger, deception and death.

Prologue: The Bloody Feast

The moon hung over the sky, softly allowing the seductive glow to entrance and captivate the many eyes of wanderers. It was satisfied, full and heavy as the many multiple stars accompanied it for the night. The sinister dark blanket of the sky wallowed up the luminescent planet, emitting a smoky demeanor and creating a hazy appearance.

Below the far away wonder there lies a rocky terrain. In the far distance near the mountain side, where the green brown groves intertwine with the desolated, empty woods, lies a predator. A killer far more dangerous than the average animal, and far more bloodthirsty than the myths of superstition.

A howl rang through the night, overpowering the other creatures of the night. It was heard plainly: hungry and mad. The ecstasy of freedom and release sewed itself in the voice, ravishing desperately for a sated night. Immediately, as the howl continued to cry in the night, the other calls from the animals were silenced all at once. The howl was far too strong and loud, causing the nervousness of the animals to rise in the air.

The wind died down

The leaves refused to rustle

The crickets suppressed their chirps

A sudden hush had fallen over the mountain

Four wolves stepped out from the woods, adjacent to one another, as their far intelligent eyes scanned the terrain. There was a malevolent aura that was flowing from the pack of wolves, such famine and starvation for different needs shown from their appearance. Behind the four wolves was numerous colors, shapes and sizes of bodies. There were pups and adolescents ready to sink their pearl white fangs into fresh, tender meat; excited for the moment where they can feel the rush of adrenaline plow through their veins.

The single howl was cut off and soon enough there was a snow wolf bounded down through the mountain rocks, skidding to a stop in front of the four wolves who were leading the pack. The wolf calmly address to the numerous, starving wolves with steady eyes. The Alpha turned away, gazing at the free plain they were free to hunt on. They were free to release the inner demon waiting to claw out of their strained, imprisoned mentality.

The Alpha turned back to the pack and at once threw back his head and howled to the lonely night, extinguishing all the other cries. Soon enough, the single howl was accompanied by another and another till the whole pack was liberate their caged devilish desires to the full moon. The eyes of the ravenous wolves were glittering with malicious intent, hunger and greed, craving for something delectable and soft to satisfy their ravenous intent.

The Alpha paused, allowing his pack to continue their insistent cries and devour the night. He suddenly raced across the empty grounds, his body pounding with want—need. The group of wolves began to run in circles on the plain.

A lone black wolf halted from his run, his ears twitched as a quiet but distracting noise sharpened his instincts. His muscles began to quiver and tremble, his lip curling as a savage growl ripped from his throat.

The white Alpha howled longingly at the yellow moon, declaring the start of the ritual.

The black wolf darted across the plain, blue eyes searching for the flesh hide of the prey. His paws kicked up dirt in the air as he raced through the thickets. His nostrils flared as his electric eyes sparked with hidden animosity and rage. Adrenaline rushed through the inner core of his body, power surging through the very veins, pumping every so often. He snarled out furiously, sensing a pulse of vitality running through the course, the length of his sleek body.

Those cobalt orbs were focused on the point, the area where he had felt the urge to run towards. His body was stopped at midstep, pausing and listening for a noise that would soon be revealed to the surface of the terrain.

The wolf's nose twitched and he growled menacingly, impatient as he tried to pinpoint the location.

A white rabbit slowly crawled out of the temporary safety point, its nose moving every so often, trying to detect the aura of a predator. Its delicate paw lightly stepped onto the leaves on the ground. Within a second, the rabbit's ears stood straight up right at the crinkling sound projected from under the weight of the delectable rabbit.

The obsidian wolf broke away from his stance, speed and agility was what it took for the wolf to bound after the frighten rabbit. A silent snarl ripped from his throat as he eagerly advanced towards his prey. His mouth began to salivate, leaving sticky strands falling at the edge of his lips. Hackles rose as the intensity of the race lengthened, his taunt muscles strained as the speed increased and every step, and the animal in him grew wild as it hungered for blood.

20 feet

13 feet

7 feet

2 feet

He launched himself forward, snapping his jaws in the air until it clamped down on the fragile body. His throat rumbled with satisfaction as the vitality of the blood fulfilled his mouth. He could feel the bones popping and snapping apart when the pressure of his teeth gradually grew. The rabbit whimpered and wheezed, moving around weakly, trying to escape. The wolf only squeezed harder, hearing the last breath of the animal die off. The eyes dimmed to a dusky dull, and the wolf began his feast.

Ruthlessly, the wolf began to tear the small animal apart, limb to limb, relishing in the blood and food it was finally given on the day of the full moon. He gnawed on the head, placing his prize in between his paws as if it was about to bound out of his hold. A rumble of appreciation and pure satisfaction echoed throughout his body.

Oh, the sweet victory.

Oh, the bloody feast.


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