Author's Note:

I don't know if "Atropa Belladonna" reader's know this, but there is a 'sequel' that's up called "My Wolf Boy". It's not really a sequel, but it's with new characters (Orion and his little hostage) that will bump into the original characters of Montana! :D It will take a while for the new characters to meet the old, but in one way or another, they will!

Hope you guys enjoy it!


P.S. Any questions, feel free to ask, and I will edit this chapter and add onto it with your questions and answers C:

Update: (August. 28. 2011)

"My Wolf Boy" is not going to be a sequel, but a part of a five-story series. I was thinking about it and thought, "It's not a sequel at all. It's more like a series!" And when I thought of that, I got a whole bunch of ideas for this :D So now...I AM EXCITED LOL xD I haven't the name and titles for future stories, but I got a rough draft ready! C: I will fill in the blanks when I'm ready xD The stories shall be as so:

1) "Atropa Belladonna" (Wulf and Molly)

2) "My Wolf Boy" (Aurora and Orion)

3) (Ophelia and Ryder)