-1Faith, in a café, modern London

When I think about it, I
think that he is still in
love with Faith

although, deep down he
will never say it aloud,

than again, he doesn't
have to, because I've uncovered
him for myself.

And, in continuation
of my thoughts for him,
I think that she must
really still be in love
with him as well,

why else, would she
have rebelliously clawed
at him with broken lunch
dates in London?

She is femme fetal thin,
although I care not,

you see
I, have
been a

to her. Yet, I'm sure as
a girl she wove her brunette
hair in long braids,

that is, before she cut it
with his promise
that the back of a
women's neck was
the sexiest part
of a female's anatomy

the same way that he
said it to me.

Either way, she is in London
now, cocktail party to café's
in trendy districts

chattering away about her
masters degree in Freudianism,
how in her early twenties
she sat on the edge of the bed
and watched him spike metal
into his veins,

or was it Heroine?
or Steroids? or just Muscle Milk?

Either way, she was the
cause of the bar fights he
got into, but not the reason
that he drinks so much,

that, I still haven't figured out yet.