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I sat by myself again. Nobody seems to be interested in sitting next to someone like me, especially not the boys.

I never liked the way they dressed or tossed their perfect blonde hair. It was unnatural, as if they were flirting with every single living creature with a soul, and believed that everybody enjoyed watching.

I of course enjoyed observing but not the way most did.

Although I've only been here for a week, gossip had reached even me, the most isolated person, I've heard about every person in this room, perhaps more? But the person who stepped into the room next I haven't heard anything about, not from anyone.

The whole class silenced as he found his way to an empty seat and relaxed coolly into a book.

I noticed the expressions on their faces, the females' faces softened into sweet dreamy smiles and the boys looked at him with either hatred or complete admiration.

I looked at him once; confused about why the room was suddenly silenced and what was it about this boy that fascinated all who looked his way.

He was good looking which explained the girls' faces, he had black hair that fell loosely over his ears and dark brown eyes that when were touched in the sun were turned quickly to a cool melting amber.

His skin was flawlessly white and pale, nothing like mine, and his muscles were large but not too large.

He was quite boy-sized, nothing was huge about him and his presence didn't seem to make me feel in danger or uncomfortable, quite the opposite effect actually, I felt safer and warm.

He faced away from me and his chair was pulled to the edge of the desk as far as it could go. His nose was breathing in and out almost too harshly, as if he was a child whiffing confectionary.

He wasn't my usual type but I must admit, but I was entranced.

I couldn't explain the hatred in the expressions of some of the better looking boys in the class but I'd say the boys who were in the lower class admired his beauty, he was quite the different one in class. Nobody was similar to him or me, suddenly I didn't feel so lonely.

Last week I was in Seattle with my dad but sometimes you can't take it any more and the fights between father and daughter are hardly winnable.

Ever since I turned 16 I've been reminding him I hated where I was, which instantly brought me to the assumption that because he was there, I hated him also, and I left, leaving nothing but an email to inform him of my departure


I told you a year ago I was leaving and finally I've done it.

I know you don't want me to leave but it's too late now because I'm already on the plane right now, I typed this on my phone. Mum'll be waiting for me, I know you wouldn't have let me go but you have Kevin to look after you.

Goodbye, Anna

I was going to put 'XOXO's' inside the email but I decided against it seeing he was a huge reason of why I left.

Even though a full week has passed it feels like months, I feel older, more mature less stupid and more afraid of the real reason of why I was here and who I was going to become here, if I might end up like the girls I hate so much, if I'll be all alone fending for myself, but what I feared mostly and entirely is what if mum will send me back to him, I still wouldn't be able to look at his face without trying to run away, or trying to push him away so I know I can't get hurt.

Suddenly I pause my train of thought as I heard some of the girls' nasty giggles, as if they choked on something from a small laughter and I peered from the corner of my icy eyes to see what they blushed so hard at.

The boy who silenced the room earlier was sitting there staring at me with rage and fury as if I stabbed his hand and stepped on both feet before prancing away into the sun gleefully. Who knew today would be as interesting as it is?

Math was a bore, as usual. Although area and perimeter was my best area in math, my mind was elsewhere, and so was my pencil case.

Mr Mason lent me a pen but I didn't use it, I sat with my fist under my jaw thinking about my dad and my brother, wondering what they would be doing.

"Anna, are you paying any attention whatsoever?" Mr. Mason asked curiously.

"Of course, shouldn't I be?" I answered quickly; I heard a dark chuckle from the boy's seat but nothing else.

"Do you think that's funny James?" Mr. Mason aimed at him instantly.

"Of course, I think it's extremely hilarious when a student lies to a teacher obviously." His eyes moved to me. I blushed secretly, knowing later I would wonder why my cheeks are turning so pink.

"Well…" Mr. Mason stuttered, not sure who deserved the detention card more, me or him.

To settle his inner confusion, he just gave us both one, knowing neither of us would attend detention anyway.

Instantly I used the card for origami under my desk, obviously proving James's theory about my attention.

He sat there smiling to himself but every now and then his eyes would run over my tanned body and my dark hair. From behind he couldn't see my face and I couldn't see his but I knew he was staring, but the true reason under his pretty, calm face was completely unknown, which I guess, is what I hated so much about his stare.

After class, the leader of the girly bitches approached me, her gang of skanks behind her as if they were her henchmen.

"James was staring at you." She said bluntly to me, it sounded more of an accusation than a statement. I looked at her from under my lashes as I packed my books.

"So?" I forced myself not to laugh at their worried glances of how I would react. Whether or not I would start to think he likes me or not.

"This is a big deal." She continued. "So big"-

-"We want you in our gang so he'll look at us too!" One of the short blondes piped up, she had dark brown eyes and her hair mixed together with them making her colors like honey.

"Do you really?" I raised one eyebrow while one of the girls nudged that girl as a punishment. They smiled at me with their sickeningly sweet flashy teeth and perfect pink lips parting slightly.

"What I meant to say before I was rudely interrupted," The leader looked away towards the young blonde who intruded in, "Is that we think you're kind of cool and it would be nice if we could be friends."

I smiled slightly to myself, no wonder I wasn't interested in high school aged boys, if they fall in love with such idiotic barbies they must be the idiotic ken. From my expression they knew I had no interest in their offer but they continued to try to convince me.

"Pretty please?" She begged with her eyes, it was persuasive because of the bright blue contact lenses she wore, her long lush lashes didn't help me much either but thankfully, I'm no idiotic Ken.

"I don't think I am ready for the trauma that you people would put me through." I told them as if I was resisting a brussel sprout. "Sorry, no."

From the looks in their eyes, they didn't understand either words of 'trauma' and 'no' and quickly assumed that they both meant the same as 'sure let's go hang at lunchtime' and they smiled at me and said: "Sweetness, see you at lunch."

I laughed silently as I spun to see James staring at me as if I tried to murder everybody he loved. Another reason why I hate boys, they make no sense with their crazy emotions, I mean, what did I do to him to make him seem so angry and upset with me.

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