My shining star
You took me far
Revealed the life in me
Created the girl I didn't think I could be
You set me free

I was drowning in the seas of isolation
You came, you taught me how to breathe
You gave me faith, hope, love
The strength to believe

For the first time, I was wonderful
Suddenly, I could fly
No, I didn't want to say good bye
Where are you, shining star?

At the end of the tunnel
I see you now
No stars above me
Shining star, I thought you loved me

You choked me with the bind of dedication
You took back all the gifts you gave to me
You scarred me, put me back in isolation
What is this prison? Thought I was free

Kissed me, killed me, threw me away
Loved me, left me, let me decay
Rejection was your weapon
Your beauty was my sky

You shined through your darkness
Wanted to keep you near
You melted my heart, along with my fear
But you cut me deeper than anyone else dared

Is it so rash that I still want you?
You're my shining star
You took me far
I can never forget
Turned me around, set me free
Is it so wrong that I still love thee?

Things will get better, they always do
Hold my hand, we'll make it through
Things happen, they cut and tear
Things change, but I'm not scared
You gave me strength, I won't back down

Shining star, you turned on me
I'll turn you back, just wait and see
You gave me strength, passion, fire from you
Someday, I know I will shine too

Any you will come back, full and strong
We will sparkle, together, forever

I'm still a part of you, shining star.