How did this all start?

How did it all begin?

Or the more important question,

When did it end?

When did I finally realize that this was all a lie?

That the feelings I had for you were based on lies

Of foolish hopes

And dreams

I was too young

Too naïve

To see at first

My mind was lost within childish dreams

Dreams of charming princes and bold knights

Good and kind

Willing to rescue a damsel in distress

Not to wound her more

Of break her trusting heart

I had so much to learn about the world

And I still do

My dreams now lay broken on the floor

My heart shattered into a million pieces

Smaller than tear drops

Yet here I am

I am still alive

Clinging onto life for some unknown reason

For love?

No not love

For I was happy before it took me

For revenge?

No not revenge

For revenge is wicked and unsatisfying

And even now I could not hurt you

Even though my heart is broken my love is still whole

For fear?

No not fear

I am not afraid of death or what lies beyond

For hope?

For hope?

It must be for hope,

For a hope of a better life

A new life

I happy life

For I can think of no other reason for me to hold on

I have learned of the world

But I do not love it

So why do I stay?

I stay for hopea