What if you could make your world into a book story? What if you took an online quiz that seemed innocent, but transformed your entire world? What if your best friend had been plotting to kill you since you were seven years old? What if the new girl can make thing levitate, cause storms, conjure fires, has pointed ears and seems as if she has lived for a thousand years? What if your teacher died in the middle of class and gave you a long, curved knife?

I can answer these questions for you, but only if you are willing to read and believe.


I almost laughed with my friends as we searched the Internet for outrageous quizzes to take. The only person not laughing was the only person sitting in my room against their will, me. Will, an ironic statement, as that is my name. My middle name was my greatest nag; my parents loved Lord of the Rings to death, even to the point of naming me after the rediscovered kind, Aragorn.

"O.K. If Will doesn't take this quiz and get a result other that you will never go to prom or you will be a super freak then we kick him out, agreed?"

Jack's voice caused everyone around me to fall silent. I had known Jack since we were in kindergarten, and now we were both freshmen. That is ten years, as Jack cannot do basic computation. I had been pushed around by Jack for most of those ten years, and now was no exception. I got on the computer and typed as fast as I could, nearly 109 words per minute so that no one could see what I was typing. The one result that came up on the screen was inconspicuous, so I clicked on it. The screen turned back and everyone looked at me as words typed up on it.

Jack laughed in my ear. "What did you do, William? Ruin your computer- Whoa, it's like the Matrix!"

The first words kind of scared me, but I thought it was just the quiz.

Type your name.

I looked at Jack, but he was smiling. "Go on, Will. I want to see you do this, you picked your own quiz."

I swallowed and typed my full name onto the screen.

William Aragorn Restore

The screen went blank, and I think I blacked out because I was floating in front of a giant screen. Questions flew across it, and what ever I thought became the choice, I had black hair, straight hair, good balance, I loved nature, my best friend bullied me all my life… It went on and on, the questions getting stranger and stranger as they went on. After an inordinate amount of time, I heard a chant in the distance, a voice I had almost forgotten.

Will, my grandson, why? You have brought yourself pain, nothing but pain…

Grandpa's voice faded and was replaced by Jack's. "Will, you bastard get up. You're freaking me out and your results are up."

I pulled myself out of the stupor and looked at the screen, controlling my rising panic.

Changes Underway