This essay is not about cats. If you came here looking for a piece on cats, keep moving. No, this essay is about Sabina, a classmate I interviewed. A very talkative person and creative writer, it wasn't hard to learn everything I needed to know about writing from Sabina. All the information I gathered from her will be used to help you understand the process of "writing."

Writing is a long and drawn out process that needs to be described meticulously to be fully understood. And even if, at the end of this essay, you do understand it, you may not understand why writers put themselves through the "writing" process over and over again.

When it comes time to start "writing," Sabina likes to use pen and paper first.

Paper is shredded tree that has been compressed into a very thin sheet.

A pen is a stick that leaves a mark on paper when you rub the pointed end against the paper.

Before Sabina starts "writing," she needs to be prepared. She finds a nice quiet place where nobody can distract her so she can concentrate. She also takes off her socks.

She put the tip of the pen to the paper and starts making squiggles on the paper. The most common squiggle she puts down is "e."

Essays are an important part of school and they need to be written correctly in order for Sabina to succeed in life. For the essay to be good, the squiggles Sabina writes down must be in the right order. To help her determine if these squiggles are in the right order, she makes an outline before writing the essay.

The outline is a list of squiggles that help Sabina determine what squiggles she puts down first and last.

She also uses a dictionary to help her determine what order of squiggles to use.

A dictionary is a large amount of paper that has been covered in millions of squiggles. Darker squiggles are followed by a couple hundred tiny squiggles. These tiny squiggles tell the reader what the darker squiggles mean when they are in that specific order.

Writing the essay is a long process for Sabina. It may take a couple of hours. Sometimes, the order tha she wants to put the squiggles in just comes to Sabina naturally. Sometimes she gets stuck and can't figure out what squiggle she should put next. This is called "writer's block.

Writer's block is a temporary disease caused by a wall that appears in you brain, stopping it from functioning properly.

To make the essay better, Sabina likes to put quotes in her essay.

Quotes are a segment of squiggles that other people wrote down in their essays or books.

When Sabina finally finishes the essay, she like to give it to two or three different people for them to judge. These people judge how well these squiggles are ordered and give Sabina their thoughts on how to improve the order of the squiggles in the essay.

After going back and changing the order in some squiggles, Sabina finally turns her essay in to the teacher. The teacher is the final judge on how well the squiggles are ordered and gives Sabina one of five squiggles to represent how well the squiggles were ordered. The five squiggles are "A", "B", "C", "D", and "F", "A" meaning excellent, and "F" meaning fail.

Whether Sabina is satisfied with the squiggle she received from the teacher or not, she can't dwell on it too long because soon, she has to write another essay and go through the same process again.

Hopefully, you understand the process of writing now. And I hope you understand why people go through this process over and over again. I certainly don't.