I don't need your sweet words

I don't want myself to be heard

By you, so ignorant

You're determined to understand

The truth from me you demand

But I won't answer you

Don't try to fix me

I'm not broken

Don't try to care

So I will soften

Until I fall down, I won't begin

You can't chase away the voice within

I'm still alone, I'm still alone

This path is mine, only mine to undertake

I won't run from my own mistakes

So don't tempt me with hope

Don't try to heal me

I'm not in pain

Don't try erasing

I'm not a stain

Leave me, lock me in my mind

You haven't found what you want to find

In me, in me

You can't decode me, I'm still secret

And if you discover, I'll be regret

A source of remorse

Don't try to wake me

I'm not sleeping

Don't try consoling

I'm not weeping

I know you mean well, but you have to leave

I'll tell you the truth but the lies you'll believe

So don't try so hard, to glue back the shards

Because they don't exist, it's what you see

The scars you pretend are a part of me...