The Devil's Burden

Take up the Devil's burden,

Satan, Old Scratch and Lucifer he's known

He's fed up with his trying job,

To baby-sit sinners and unable to roam

Curse the Devil's burden,

But is he to blame?

He who must watch over the dead;

Those who God condemns in shame?

Haul the Devil's burden;

He wretchedly lives the unlife

For is it really living

When all you hear is strife?

Trip under the weight of the Devil's burden

'Cause goodness seems to wane.

Old Scratch is mighty ticked off,

And the miscreants' excuses are really very lame

Walk with the Devil's burden,

Into the depths of Hades's well;

And 'cause ol' Satan is so grateful,

He has a special place for you in hell.