Ten Candles

The sound of my cellphone ringing wakes me up.

"Hello," I say, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

No one replies. I just hear the background of the screaming of the children which annoys me so much.

I end the call. I shiver... as I realize what's happening.

The cellphone rings as I place it on the bedside table...

and rings...

I do not pick it up.

It stops ringing. I sigh. Relief washes over me.

I stand up and go towards the shower.

My cellphone beeps.


Two messages.

I slowly approach the table and check.

This is Mom... Happy birthday, my daughter, it says.

Mom! It isn't my birthday today! I want to shout.

I read the other message:

Please... forgive me, I love you. It came from the same number.

I couldn't ignore it, I have to tell her she's got the wrong number.

I stare into space.

What do I do?

I reply, Thanks ma! And I forgive you! I love you too...

I'm so happy, I did not hurt her. Again.

I shower and change, I run downstairs and breathe.

Here goes... I inhale a lungful of air.

The children plays around the kitchen, chasing after each other.

My mother smiles at me, her hands outstretched as she holds the cake...

I want to cry.

Ten candles. The usual.

She sings Happy Birthday with her beautiful voice.

Just like yesterday.

And tomorrow.

I blow the candles, wishes there are eleven, or twelve, or... eighteen- my real age...

And my tears starts flowing.


AN: First of all, I want to say that this is entirely FICTIONAL. This is one of the stories wherein I have no idea what happens as I start. The storyline just pops into my head as I write the words... and the idea about '50 first dates' struck me. But this is originally inspired by the anonymous text message I received which greeted me a 'happy birthday'. I concentrate from there and end up with this piece... Hope you like it! ^_^