Although I have accepted

Me and you are threw

There are a couple things

I must say to you

I want to tall you

That I thank you

For all that you have done

Yes you deeply hurt me

But most of it was fun

You made me see who I am

And who I can be

You helped me see what I've done

You helped me see me

God puts people in our lives

To help us on our way

Sometimes they stay a while

Sometimes they stay a day

You helped me realize

God has a plan

For every women

And every man

Although you may not see it

You helped me on my way

Although you may not see it

I had gone astray

God placed you in my life

To lead you back to him

Cause my eyes for him before you

Had gotten very dim

So yes our paths are separate

But thanks you do deserve

Because yes you did hurt me

But you also made me learn