written May 2, 2009

*It's difficult to keep on living

When your shadow is sucking it out of me

*Throw a tantrum let me hear it

You think I'd be used to your screaming

*Ignites the rage you planted inside of me

I hate the creature it turns me into

*Uncontrollably stalking my inner being

I can't find the solace that makes me feel new

*Petrified by the fact that you act one way

Then emerges what lurks closely below

*Are you satisfied with the scene you're making?

It'd be different in a mixed crowd, I know

*Solo in my room, my thoughts racing and crashing

Debris scatters leaving me overwhelmed and fed up

*I need relief, I'm stuck inside my head

Release me from the claustrophobia, I jump

*Split through my head, I'm breathing again

Oxygen refreshes my attic of memories

*Spring cleaning never felt as good as it does now

Thankful, I'm surrendered on bended knee

*It's out in the air, will it perish in the sun?

It isn't used to the intensity of light

*Amazing what results from tidying up

It feels good to sleep through an entire night