Staring at the sky,
I watch as the clouds shift,
And I think back…

The young boy who always caused trouble,
Never ate,
Was skin and bones,
His body was weak,
But yet he could run faster and harder,
Always never wanted to be tied down,
Even though his father strapped him down,
His kind mother was always there,
And he knew they both loved him.

A storm blows in,
And the sky turns grey,
Back to the past…

Tears rolled down cheeks,
A brother gone,
A husband departed,
A father lost,
Nothing but tears,
And a heart broken,
Tied only to what little memories he had,
Of his smiling face,
And a house empty of a good soul.

The storm picks up,
A cold wind blows,

No tears from the boys face,
With a cold heart he stared,
At the cold body that lay in front of him,
She could no longer fight,
So she fought for so long,
But despair and sadness only helped defeat her,
This time a mother lost,
A home devoid of the lives that once took care of him,
Now only he and his sister watched as boxes piled in front of them.

The storm breaks,
But the sky remains grey,
And the thoughts roll back in…

The young boy, now sheltered,
Found comfort in the wrong places,
He was no longer skin and bones,
But short and fat,
A boy had a smile on his face,
But it could never hide the tears he kept back,
He was weak, he was ignorant,
He knew nothing,
So he lived, but as he grew older,
He began to think, and knew reality.

The grey began to darken once more,
And I watched, as the clouds shifted faster,
Back into history…

The boy was tormented,
By his nightmares, he watched history repeat itself,
Only to awake in tears,
His heart was cold,
He wanted nothing but to be alone,
To get through life,
Never realizing what he could have become,
Continually backing himself behind his only wall,
Only staying weak.

The clouds began to clear,
And the sun's rays shined through,
With hope…

The boy journeyed into a new world,
A place where no one knew him,
But where more people were like him,
In his ways of thinking,
There he strayed from being alone,
Now talking more,
As his heart thawed,
Following a dream he had,
And something to live for,

The sky was mostly clear,
But from time to time, the sun would be blocked,
With bad luck…

The boy was a teenager,
So he explored his world with his little freedom,
In which he thought he found love,
A world he never experienced,
In what short time,
He thought he had everything,
But forces beyond his own,
Grasped the love and ripped it away,
And the fake smile came back.

The cloud hovered for a bit,
Dimming the world,
Keeping it dark…

Times would come,
And the boy lost more,
He lost many friends, and his mind shifted,
Back to his old ways,
In which he only kept a small amount of friends,
Which helped him through,
And the loneliness crept back in,
Which he thought he would become fond of again,
But time was short for the boy…

The cloud left,
And the world became bright again,
And the sky changed…

Into a man, the boy became,
In which he now tasted more freedoms,
Leaving the wall he grew close,
No longer weak, he grew strong with the wind,
And now stronger with his mind,
He was not afraid of reality,
And again he fell in love,
A new girl he liked, but with his freedom,
Decisions were made, in which regret would now consume him.

The winds blew harder,
Even though the sky was clear,
A chill rolled in…

Some bad decisions caused the man to regret many things,
And he felt bad, breaking her heart,
Begging for another chance,
His wished would go unanswered,
And the chill rolled down his back,
In which more bad decisions were made,
And regret consumed his heart,
But his once love, now friend,
Brought light back to his heart.

The sky darkened,
As the day grew short,
And the calm settled in…

The man now watched the sky,
Wishing more,
Working hard towards his dream,
Hoping for a chance for love again,
For to those who have changed, not forget the past,
As it had made him stronger,
He still loved his lost love to his own stupidity,
And patiently waited for her and would wait forever,
Now living with a brighter future.

As night falls,
The sky becomes more relaxing,
And dreams come to be…

The man slept,
Even though he dwelled on his past from time to time,
Regretting from time to time,
He no longer worried about today,
But lived for a better tomorrow,
Living a life, at least with some content,
Loving someone, waiting for one of his wished to come true,
A life no longer alone, and happy,
With his goals come to fruition.

The man slept,
I slept,
Living with the sky over my head.