A Story By Bionca Femme

Warning: This story is rated M+ for sexual content, language, violence and adult situations. If you aren't 17+ I suggest you get out while you still can. Subsequent chapters won't be this tame.

This doesn't end well. So if you're thinking I'm telling you this story to make you feel good, or give you that tingly feeling in your chest and make you cry. Then you're not as bright as you look. I'm taking a chance on you, if you listen carefully. If you understand what I am telling you. If you see the meaning to all of this. Then maybe, I will have saved you some measure of heart ache in your life. Maybe, I won't have wasted the chance I am being given.

Whatever happens to you as you read this, whether it changes you drastically, or maybe at least opens your eyes to other possibilities. At least, I will have died trying. And despite what you think, the road to hell is not paved with good intentions. Its paved with skulls. The mind is a dirty thing. It corrupts the heart, perverts the good intention, and twists it to its own end. Deep down we all know that. The end does not justify the means, all too often its the means that sets you ablaze in that lake of fire. Its the means, that has you breathing in brimstone and sulfur, for all eternity.

That said, I am or was, a werewolf gigolo. Centuries ago, it was only homosexual and bisexual people who had to worry about coming out of the closet. Now, werewolves, vampires, and all the other people who are different have their own little rainbow parade. Except we don't have the rainbow, we have a cross and the silver bullet for symbols. But, I digress. Where was I? Oh, right. I'm a were-whore. I get paid to have bestial sex with rich women, who's only thrill left in life is having sex with a supernatural being, who could rip them apart. They all sign waivers, I'm not stupid. In my defense, I'm much gentler than some of my less scrupulous werewolf brothers and sisters.

Don't even get me started on vampires. I may howl at the moon and let my rage get out of control once and while. But I don't eat people. Werewolves don't attack people. We don't use them as food. We're a threat to livestock, nothing more. Like any wolf in the wild, we only kill to survive and we don't attack human beings, unless provoked or cornered. After that, its your fucking fault if we rip out your throats. Vampires, live off the living. I can understand your prejudices in regards to them. They may not be inherently evil, but one has to wonder, just how pure of heart you can be, when you have to suck the life out of someone to survive. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing romantic about a vampire. That's a load of bull. Much like mosquitoes they have an analgesic in their bite, so you don't feel much pain. On top of that, they administer something like ecstasy with their saliva. You get off on being bit. Sure, I'll admit to that. But you're nothing but a meal to them. They'll only ever care for their own kind. Many women have fallen in love with a vampire, and have ended up with a broken hearts or a trip to the morgue. Personally, I don't like either option.

Contrary to popular belief, werewolves are very empathetic and loving creatures. We take human lovers as often as we take werewolf ones. And we love deeply and hard. That love however, can be quite dangerous. Both physically and socially to the human involved. It doesn't stop some. Mostly your women. Fickle creatures, suckers for a lone wolf. Oh you sweet pretty young things with a penchant for bad boys! Tsk tsk!

The act of coupling between a werewolf and human is not all that different between a human and a human. It only gets dangerous when the human wants to have sex with the beast side of their werewolf partner. Honestly, I know why it appeals to me, but not so much why it appeals to you, or some of you. I asked a client of mine once what she'd gotten out of it, or what she liked about it. She gave me a sexy sort of half smile and tossed her pretty red hair over her shoulder. Then told me that she liked it when I growled in her ear.

Of course, I gave her the kind of look an idiotic statement like that demanded. Deep down, some people are freaks who want to be a little frightened. They want to be doing something sexually deviant, I guess as far as partners go, I was as deviant as they could get. I won't lie and tell you that I didn't have a lot of female clientèle. I was gentler than most. I kept myself mostly human. I saved full beast mode for those women, who abused their body on a daily basis just for fun. You can tell that I don't really understand you humans all that much, can't you? Hell, I don't understand myself half the time. Although I will admit that I always loved sex with human women. Female werewolves are demanding and not easily satisfied. And I, like most male werewolves, won't stop fucking until we're certain all needs and requirements have been met. Female werewolves also don't really care, whether or not we Males are satisfied. Human women do occasionally seem to care, especially my regulars. I often found myself refusing their money and gifts from time to time. Especially if they allowed me some time to use them as therapy. Even the lone wolf occasionally needs comforting.

Before you get thinking that I fell in love with one of my Jane's. I'll tell you something right now, Gina wasn't like that. She didn't go out looking for sex. She was waiting for someone that could matter to her, someone she could matter to. We met at group therapy. You can laugh, its ok. Its group therapy for singles. They all knew who I was and what I did. It was the point. Somewhere to go and unload, somewhere I could talk without being judged. Some of my regulars had stopped coming when the government instituted laws about having to obtain licenses to sleep with werewolves and vampires. It was ridiculous, I know. Sexually transmitted diseases were unheard of amongst our kind. Until we found ourselves so desperate for work, we had no choice but to fall back on the oldest profession on earth. So I needed someone to talk to. I was the only male werewolf within miles of Manhattan at the time.

Listening to Gina talk about how difficult it was for her, to just get a man to stay with her when they found out that she had a few rules about sex. It kind of calmed my spirit. Here was this woman, and mind you a very, very gorgeous woman. She could have any man she wanted. And any man that had her would have been absolutely stupid to not keep her around. But as soon as they found out they would have to wait for her. They dumped her. After all, there were other girls out there willing to give it up. Not Gina. She didn't want someone for what they could do for her, or for what she could do for them. I don't know if you could begin to comprehend how soothing that was for me. I didn't want women for just their bodies, but being a werewolf and not all that inclined to find another werewolf to mate with. It left me with little options. There weren't many women that wanted to bring a werewolf boyfriend home to meet Mommy and Daddy.

I wasn't looking to try and get a date from her. She'd approached me, actually. At first, I was wary. After all, most women only wanted one thing from me. And I hadn't actually expected it out of Gina. When she approached me after therapy to join her for a drink. I almost asked her what the hell she thought she was doing. Especially since I had just ended the group by telling them how upset I was because one of my favorite clients had committed suicide. Of course, I blamed myself. I mourned her.

She was very good to me. I'd let it slip out that it had made me lonelier than I had been for awhile.

All of them had shifted uncomfortably in their chairs. Were-whores were a tolerated community. Most wished we would all just die of various STD's and rid the world of our mangy carcasses. As you can imagine my nerves were raw, to say the least. But when I rounded on her, ready to give her a verbal spanking. I realized that she was really sincere. My anger deflating, I nodded and offered her a smile. "That would be lovely, let me grab my coat." I said.

She actually beamed. I couldn't describe to you how her obvious elation at drinks with me, swelled my pride. Even as it simultaneously filled me with dread, that I was going to somehow hurt her. Something was going to go terribly wrong. That's all there was to it. I would have said no. Should have, but looking into that happy face, those hazel eyes. I couldn't help myself. Someone who might actually want to be with me, for me. It was refreshing, it was.....dare I say, erotic?

I had grabbed my coat and we took a taxi to an upscale bar three blocks away from my apartment. She said she didn't live that far. I don't know how long into the conversation it had been before I found myself falling into those eyes.

"Charon?" She waved her hand in front of my face and I focused on her suddenly.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" I flushed in embarrassment.

She giggled, "Are you alright?" She asked me.

I took her hand and kissed her fingertips, "More than alright, I just got absorbed in your eyes and kind of lost focus. Has anyone told you how lovely they are?" I asked her seriously.

She blushed and took her hand away from mine, "Charon." She whispered.

"Its alright, Gina. You're safe from me. I doubt you have a license anyway, darling. You're forbidden fruit to me, and I likewise to you." I watched her curiously as she looked simultaneously forlorn and relieved. A part of her wanted to find out what being with me would be like, and yet that practical side of her, that I'd come to love. Had stomped all over that notion with a vengeance.

I took this opportunity to show her that I really wanted to get to know her, I pushed a strand of her chestnut colored hair away from her face and smiled, "That doesn't mean that we can't have something. I really like you."

She looked, pleased. I shouldn't have been surprised, but yet I was. And I was grateful that she didn't sputter about my nerve and how I dared imply that she'd ever want to have a relationship with me. A werewolf. She simply looked, relieved. As if she'd been wanting this for a long time and had dreaded asking.

Then she brought the subject around to the one thing I was dreading discussing with her. Work. "Do you ever want to do something else?" She asked.

I sighed heavily, "Of course."

She leaned on the bar her head propped up by her chin on a delicate palm. "Like?"

"Pediatrician." I said proudly.

She raised a delicate sculpted brow in surprise, "What's stopping you?" She asked.

I looked at her incredulously, she really didn't seem to know why it was that I couldn't find decent work anywhere. I unbuttoned the cuff of my shirt and rolled it up, showing her the tattoo on my arm.

She looked at me and then the tattoo and then back again. "Its a tattoo." She said simply.

I chuckled, "This is a brand. I was given this to warn any University or hospital that I tried to gain education or employment from, that I am a werewolf. They would never accept me." I watched her face turn from shock to outrage.

"You really have no idea, do you?" I asked her. Her innocence of werewolf discrimination astounded me.

She shook her head, "Its not fair." She grumbled.

After drinks, I walked her home. The time had passed by too quickly, and I found myself walking slower and slower. I knew that at any moment I would have to wish her goodnight, and go back to my lonely apartment. Soon I was standing with her in front of her door. "Thank you for the invitation tonight, you cheered me up quite a bit." I said.

She smiled. "I had a wonderful time." She bit her lip and then lifted her self up on her toes and gave me a light kiss on my cheek. It was gentle, like a butterflies wings.

"Could we do it again sometime?" I asked her. She nodded and I handed her my card. She looked at it and blushed. I smiled, knowing that it was the business card that I gave my clients. "I work out of my home." I explained. She nodded again, and I chuckled. I leaned down and kissed her cheek. "Good night, Gina." I said, and then turned on my heel and headed home.