Writen May 3, 2009

Mike you're invisible

Trying to step into the footprints your brother stomped behind

Got to keep up stride with his incessant strut

It must be tiring wearing those uncomfortable shoes

Mike you're pathetic

You tiptoe sheepishly, dodging his ballooning head

You pretend it's not protruding into everyone's breathing

You don't see yourself outside of it

Mike you're in trouble

Your identity crisis is rapidly approaching

Without your crutch your ankle will swell

Your tonic will run dry

Mike needs a savior

From afar I've admired the vacant cherub's face

I wish there was depth, I'd like to dive in

Can I make a person out of you?

Mike would be fine

I've noticed how your visage can radiate

I'd like to see you warm up for my face

Can we lean on each other?

Mike I want you

Your deplorable brother sours my empty stomach

Get out from under his weight, run with me

We'll undo the damage he caused