Catamite- A boy who has a sexual relationship with a man

"Ethan, I can't accept this."

"Valente, I'm doing this as a friend. Please just accept my gift."

"This isn't necessary, really."

"I know. But I think you deserve this."

"But what about your wife?"

"She doesn't care. She has what she wants."

"Why are you doing this?"

"I know you well, my friend. You do not have time for things like this."


"Valentin. Hear me out. You are thirty now. You've never been married. You don't have a girlfriend. You don't even have a mistress. You are not getting any younger. I worry about you being all alone. Please, just take my gift."

"I know you care about me, Ethan, but this is too much. You cannot give me one of your children as a gift, no matter how much you worry."

"I don't see why I can't."

"But I can't take a child as my bride!"

"Of course you won't be taking a child bride. You would wait till they are of legal age."

"And the age difference. It would not be right of me to share the bed with someone many years younger than me."

"Haha! Oh Valentin, you misunderstand my intentions! I am not giving you a mistress or someone to keep you company in bed. I am giving you someone to take care of you. Someone to keep you company."

"But what if your child... What if it is a boy?"

"The gender won't matter. My child will not be for your pleasure. As I already told, I am not expecting you to sleep with them."

"Then why?"

"My child shall be raised to love and serve you, to care for you. You only need to accept my gift."

"But, what if the child is unhappy, or if I am unhappy?"

"I will make you a deal then. At the age of fifteen, my child will come and live with you. However, if after a year of living together and either one of you is truly unhappy, then you do not have to remain together."


"Please, just say yes, Valente. I am sick of the quarrel. Do we have an agreement?"

Valentin, hesitated before answering. His friend was obviously drunk. He probably didn't mean anything he said.

"Yes, Ethan. We do."

Valentin was sure that this conversation would soon be forgotten. Yes, it was unlikely that, even if Ethan and his wife concieved a child, he would ever remember tonight.