Row Row, Fight the Powah!

Nonconformism. This word may bring to mind a couple of different images. It may bring to mind teenage "punks", with their dyed hair or Mohawks and their ripped jeans. Or it may bring to mind the "Goths", with their black clothes, black eye liner, black fingernail polish, and black lipstick. Or, if you know much about today's teenagers, it may bring to mind the "emo", sporting their lopsided haircuts and their (extremely) tight jeans. To be nonconformist, is to think and act for yourself. Nonconformists are not influenced by media and peer pressure. They do not conform to the standards of mainstream society. That is the general definition of a nonconformist. But I'll tell you what a nonconformist really is.

Nonconformists do not follow the fashion trends. They don't want to become sheep that follow the trends made by media and big corporations. No, a nonconformist will just wear whatever he wants and look anyway he wants to. This is why all the emos wear extremely tight jeans and all have hairstyles that cover one of their eyes. This is why all the punks have dyed hair and ripped jeans or shirts. And this is also why Goths only wear black clothes and black make-up. This way, the emos, Goths, and punks all have unique looks and it would be impossible to categorize them by the way the look.

Nonconformists do not follow the music trends for the same reason they don't follow the fashion trends. They don't want to become sheep. A nonconformist will listen to music he truly likes, whether it is popular or not. This is why the emos all listen to the same bands that are played constantly on the radio. It's also the reason that emos don't react to bands during concerts. They don't jump or cheer or sing along. Instead, they spend the concert socializing with the other emos, perhaps hoping to "hook up" with one of them. It's their way of showing the band that they really like them. Punks listen to punk bands that all sing about fighting the government or fighting the corporations; punk stuff. Goths all listen to goth bands that sing about, um, dark stuff. And all the emos, in their large suburban homes, listen to emo bands that sing about how much life sucks and suicide and stuff. It's just a coincidence that punks like the same bands, Goths like the same bands, and emos like the same bands.

Simply put, to be nonconformist, you just have to listen to the same music and dress the same way they do. To be nonconformist is to be hypocritical.