A young boy, rabbit like, with long, brown ears, a small, twitchy nose and wearing rags that could only be useful for beggars and scavengers, was sniffing the air hopefully. He was inside the so-called "Moon Flower Palace" and was looking for its most beautiful possession, the legendary Moon Flower. He was very fond of flowers and liked to travel to find and record all flower type.

He knew he shouldn't be here but he just had to see it.

The young boy could be arrested or worse for just being here.

He didn't know who lived here, although, he was told that a beautiful queen resided in this palace.

He sniffed the air again, this time picking up the scent of a strange being and then he began to panic, a human was the being he sensed. Death, jail and the danger of being outlawed were possible. He heard footsteps, talking and metal clanking, drawing closer and closer. The young boy took off at a sprint. Although the floor of the palace was smooth and clean, his feet began to develop pain. After a few short minutes, the pain began to worsen and he couldn't help but give a small cry of pain. Finally, after another few minutes, the noise that had made him so scared died away and the young rabbit being could breath normally. After a huge sigh, a small scratch of his ear and a smile on his face with only a hint of fear left in him, he turned to continue his journey, only to come face to face with a palace guard.

"Well, well, well. Aren't we in trouble?" The guard mocked. He gave the boy an X-ray kind of stare." Hm? You're a young one to be a thief."

"I-uh-you see, please sir, I like flowers and I just wanted to look at them. Please sir!" The rabbit child pleaded. He began to explain about his passion for flowers and the many different types he liked to look at, the reason why he was here and apologised many times. From the guards face, he didn't believe to boy. He grabbed hold of the neck on the rags that the boy was wearing and began to drag him through the palace. The young boy was now whimpering in fear and only half-heartedly began to struggle.

"Please! I like flowers, I like flowers and I only wanted to look at the flowers!" he yelled while beginning to cry and squirm. He yapped on for all his worth until he was taken into a large garden. It was virtually made from flowers.

"I only wanted to look at the flowers please!" he shouted again.

"No! You were trying to steal palace artefacts. I know it you runt," the guard accused.

"Please, Sir I like flowers, I wanted to look at the flowers! Get off me." The rabbit boy shouted.

"No, stop lying!" the guard bellowed.

He dragged the boy towards a beautiful young woman.

She had long blonde hair and wore a dress fit for only the royal. Her emerald green eyes narrowed and her expression changed from sensational, to confused as they fell upon the boy and his rags.

"What is it? Who is this?" She asked. Her voice was like a million angels, all in song together.

"I uh-," The boy couldn't get his words out; the woman's beauty had his voice in knots.

He felt himself turn as red as the setting sun.

"Your highness, this young runt, was stealing from the palace, I want him executed immediately!" the guard demanded. So this was the queen, the beautiful queen he had been told of. The boy's heart was racing although he knew it was all over for him.

"Hm?" The queen gave him a questioning look.

"I see," Her voice was unfathomable.

"Please, y-your highness, I like flowers, a-and I just wanted to look at the flowers," the rabbit boy stuttered.

"I see. Hm, there is truth in your eyes. I cannot believe a child like you would honestly steal. You like flowers you say? I believe that can be arranged!" the queen announced. The boy looked up, a glint of hope in his eyes.

"Y-you mean it? I'm not going to get punished. Th-thank you your majesty!" the boy stammered, he leaped up in joy. The guard, on the other hand, had other plans.

"Your highness, you simply can't!" he shouted. Rage pounded through him.

"Please leave us and continue your duties, there will be no more say on the matter," the queen finished. The guard scowled, turned and stalked off with a stomp on his step.

"Now what is your name?" the queen asked the boy.

The boy hadn't been expecting that question.

"Oh, my name? Uh," the young boy thought and thought but he simply couldn't think of his name. He remembered a small moon woman talking to him when he was young.

"Come dear, it's time to give you your name…"

It was custom for a child not to be given a name at birth but only weeks after.

The woman's voice danced around his head. He was getting a flashback, but when was this? Who was this?

"…and to all of his family, dearest friends we shall now name this young boy, in the hope he will help uphold our finest traditions and make we Moon People proud. Young boy, your name is…"

His head span, he didn't hear his name.

"Uh…" He mumbled. He felt faint.

"Young boy are you ok? May you answer my question?"

. "I-uh, I don't know my name Miss. I don't even have a home Miss," the boy said hurriedly. He shook his head, trying to re-awaken his memory, during which time he began using the word "Miss" more times than necessary. The queen seemed curious.

"Oh!" Queen Alexandra seemed surprised and even a little disgruntled. "Well, in this palace you will be known as, Sirus!" the queen announced. Sirus, with his new name, seemed surprised.

"Why Sirus Miss? In this palace Miss?" He asked. Once again using "Miss" more often than needed.

"Sirus seems like such a good name for a strapping young man like you. As for in this palace, you have no home do you not?" the woman asked.

"No Miss."

"Then you will live here in the palace and, in addition will know me as Alexandra and you are the new palace gardener. Now there are some flowers to the right of the river that need tending to," the queen winked. "Have fun and I will show you to your room later."

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