Sirus hummed merrily to an unknown tune. It was his first day being the palace gardener. He lifted his head and sniffed the air. The scent of fresh spring flowers greeted his nose, Sirus felt right at home here.

"Flowers, flowers, I like flowers," Sirus let rip with a song of his own creation. Not very catchy and the lyrics didn't go well, but Sirus couldn't care less.

"Flowers, flowers, I like - aiigh!" Sirus leaped back, he had seen something that looked like a poison flower. Deep purple and yellow, with hints of red and green.

"Alexandra!!!!" He started panicking, his first day on the job and he already needed help!

"Yes? Oh, ha-ha!" Alexandra stepped gracefully down the palace garden staircase. She chuckled at Sirus's fear, but in a kindly way.

"Relax Sirus dear. It is the Ruyaha Plant. It looks poisonous but it is actually quite a harmless thing. It creates a juice so tasteful that even life itself cannot resist!" Alexandra explained. She patted Sirus's arm gently.

"Now, you make sure you take care of these ones. We need them for our palace dinner soon," She beamed at him.

Sirus's face was full of awe.

"Whoa! Awesome!" He exclaimed joyfully. He leaped up and immediately began watering the flowers once more.

Alexandra smiled at the joyful nature of the young boy.

His face beamed as he continued his duties watering the flowers.

"Sirus dear, I'm going into the kitchen. If you will, harvest a few of these Ruyaha plants for our palace dinner. Bring them to the kitchen when you finish," and with that instruction, Queen Alexandra glided away, like an angel on the Planet.

Sirus stared at her vanishing figure. His face blushed deep crimson, as red as a rose in bloom.

"I- of course ma-am," Sirus smiled gleefully. He turned to the flowers and began to pluck the leaves gently, caring not to rip their tender bases.

After a few minutes of careful plucking and checking for rotting, Sirus had an armful of beautiful purple and yellow flowers. He positively beamed with joy as he made his way to the palace kitchens to give the Angel her flowers.

"Angel…Ha-ha!" Sirus laughed at his never-to-be-known name for the Queen. He skipped the rest of the way to the kitchen; then stopped.

"Uh…" Sirus had no idea where the kitchen was. He peered left and right, half expecting to see a sign pointing him in the right direction.

Sirus set off at a small pace peering into every room but found no kitchen. He began to panic. Small whimpers of fear left his throat.

"Could have told me where it was…" he muttered under his breath. A small noise to his left side made him whip round to come face to face with Queen Alexandra. A sigh of relief left his mouth.

"I'm sorry for wandering around Miss, I couldn't find the kitchen and I got a bit lost," He scratched his head with a grin. Once again, Alexandra would have to help him out of his mess.

"Ah of course Sirus darling, forgive me I should have told you. Follow me dear," with that, Alexandra set off at a trot. Laughing like a child.

The kitchen was heaven on Earth.

Sirus peered left and right, the sight was amazing.

"Over here!"

Sirus broke out of his trance. Alexandra was calling him.

He half-skipped towards the voice and found Alexandra was stood talking to a man in a white coat and a funny shaped hat.


"Sirus dear this is Ferdinando, he is our palace chef," Alexandra introduced him.

Ferdinando smiled at Sirus.

"Aha! So-a this is-a my new-a work buddy eh?" he said in an Itlinio accent.

((Itlinio = new Italian for Sirus's story))

"Uh… yeah!" Sirus replied with a small sigh.

"Hey-a, what's-a wrong little one? Don't worry; I'm not a bad guy!" Ferdinando winked.

Sirus smiled back. He seemed sure now.

"You seem a nice guy…" Sirus said. "Oh! Here are the flowers you wanted Miss!" He exclaimed.

He thrust the flowers into the Queens hands. Literally hundreds of medium sized, sunlight-bathed flowers almost tumbled onto the pristine marble floor. Alexandra passed them into Ferdinando's hands.

"Ah, thank you Sirus dear, these are perfect! There are so many!" Alexandra beamed at him. She gave a curt nod and bent to taste a small bubbling pot of deep crimson liquid.

Sirus immediately began to blush.

"Heheh, no problem!" Sirus replied. "So what exactly is this juice that is so good?"

"Aha! The boy is-a after the juice. Aha!" Ferdinando laughed extremely hard. Sirus looked a little downcast.

"Oh? Now don't fret little one, I was just-a having a little bitty joke! I didn't mean no harm young-a one!" Ferdinando explained. Sirus's face lit up.

"Whoops, sorry sir. I didn't realise it was a joke! Ha-ha!" Sirus laughed along with the plump but jolly chef. At that time, Alexandra re-appeared at Sirus's side, she had clearly finished tasting the food.

"Ah, I see you two will get along just fine! Well Sirus dear, Ferdinando, I must leave to attend a meeting, I do hope you will excuse me," Alexandra smiled. "Might I add the food is delicious, keep it up Ferdinando!"

"Ah the royal can't wait eh? Goodbye my lady," Ferdinando bent down and gently kissed Alexandra's hand.

"Oh!" Alexandra giggled. "I'll leave you both too it!"

Alexandra left and Ferdinando turned to Sirus.

"Now, lets-a look at these plants eh?" Ferdinando peered at the large amount of Ruyaha leaves; amazement appeared in his eyes.

"Wow. First-a day on the job and you are great-a! Not a rotting plant in sight!" Ferdinando beamed.

"So-a, now we need to teach you-a how to make-a Ruyaha soup-a!" Ferdinando wandered over to a bubbling pot.

"Now, I had this boiled for the plants."

Sirus peered into the boiling pot; a crimson and violet liquid was inside.

"Did you already pick some flowers Mr. Ferdinando?" Sirus asked timidly.

"Hm?" Ferdinando was clearly testing the soup so far, but Sirus had so many questions whizzing round his head.

Suddenly, Ferdinando straightened up.

"Sirus! If you please-a, add about seven of the plant leaves to the pot, but wait-a three seconds after each one," He requested.

Sirus got to work right away.

"One two three add, one two three add…" he muttered to him self. The effect was immediate. The bubbling liquid turned the deepest purple.

"Wow!" Sirus exclaimed. Ferdinando patted his back and gave him a strange looking piece of paper. On the front was the number twenty and a picture of different types of furniture and clothing.

"Go and get yourself-a something nice-a!" Ferdinando beamed.

"W-wow," Sirus was lost for words. He thanked Ferdinando and skipped out of the door.

"Just doing my job!"

Some words you guys might not get, I just made them up. R&R please. Hope you enjoy. I'm kind of stuck and if any-one has clips/videos of his memories from the game, I'd be really grateful and maybe even put you in my other story "Kid and Titch's world Dominations".