The Girl Who Cried

Have you seen the girl with tears streaming down her face? Have you seen the way her black hair cloaks her expression, and the cuts on her arms? How many times have you walked past her, and pretended not to care?

Do you ever wonder what may have caused the tears? Crying is the result of sadness, and sadness stems from the pain of the heart. It's not just the heart that beats within our chests, but the heart of emotions as well. Emotions are the essence of our lives, so when darkness surrounds them, it eats away who we are. That's the pain we feel. It's the same pain the crying girl feels.

Have you ever noticed how a single lit candle illuminates an entire room? Or, how a single star in the sky can brighten the darkest, coldest regions of space? That's how the heart heals. It doesn't take much to free the heart from the clutches of darkness. It's like a spark, whose luminosity spreads like the sun rising over a mountain peak. It's that one person who stops and notices the crying girl.

It's the power of one.

That person can stop the tears, the pain, and the darkness all in one chain reaction. It's the Light that shines within that person's heart, with Love at its center.