We Were Gods Once

The expanse of space looms before me like a vast dark sea with no horizon. Its darkness threatens to swallow and devour me entirely, but it cannot, and I am all the more secure knowing this, as I travel aimlessly onward in this seemingly endless blackness called space. The deadly vacuum cannot touch me from where I sit at present, safe at the helm of my "goddess".

"Nike. Have you completed your mission yet?" A comlink appears in front of me. It is my commander "Cronus", one of the Titan Generals.

"Not quite sir, but just about." I replied over the com, disheartening sounding a bit in my voice.

"Very well then, please make haste and return at once to the Olympus. We'll be having another drill at 0600 hours." He commanded, then the link died off, leaving me alone in the cockpit once again.

Oh that's right – allow me to explain myself.

It is the year 3,482; and for what now seems like an eternity ago, in the year 2,887, a strange and powerful race from a galaxy afar, the Draekyn, fell upon our beautiful Planet Earth with a frightful vengeance. Jealous of our ever-growing technological advances, and becoming ever-the-more fearful of our increasing population and galactic reaches, spanning then from our own tiny solar system to creating a multitude of colonies across the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their attack came swift, catching us completely off-guard, and decimated the planet's surface, sending what survivors were left to flee in terror to various colonies and other safe havens. Many of our galactic neighbors, other alien races whom had forged treatises with us beforehand, offered some of us sanctuary but those such offerings were still few and far between.

Over the past 500 or so years since then, the Draekyn have still yet to cease in their attempts to wipe us all out. One by one they've continued to drive us back in any attempts to regroup and populate once again. This race of thugs has never stopped hunting us, killing every human they manage to spot, destroying every colony and leaving none alive, and wishing for nothing more than to see the light of our race stomped out of history forever.

Some years ago, our General, "Zeus" as we call him by, scrapped together a small resistance group called "The Titans". Since then he has gained more and more recruits like myself, and has gathered private support through many of his underground connections, gaining access to equipment and supplies and funding he at one point never deemed possible. His forces are still small, but have grown immensely in comparison, from its first premature days as "The Titans", which was nothing more than a mere twelve members aside from himself, to a wonderous near 250 person militia composed of his original twelve Commanders, himself at the helm as General, and the rest of us a mixture of Cadettes, of which I am a proud part of and who take care of missions against the Draekyn, and regular Tech Supports and Staff Personell. We now travel aboard our mothership, "The Olympus", and take on the larger fleets of Draekyn armies, depleting their numbers even faster than we have ever dreamed before. Each of us Cadettes has our own designated flight ship and a codename (which have been chosen from among the names of Earth's ancient gods and goddesses of legends past), and our numbers still continue to increase over time as fresh recruits slowly learn about and come to fight alongside us, eager to take back what was once ours.

My own Cadette name is "Nike", named for our fair goddess of Victory. Recruited at age 17, I have been aboard only two years; but I have never felt as alive as I do now aboard this vessel, fighting to defend the last strangling remains of the human race.

"Welcome back Beta Cadette Nike." Dings a monotone voice belonging to The Olympus's main entry dock computer as I coast my ship into the hangar bay. As I hop down from my flight unit, I am welcomed by a small group of my fellow co-pilots, who have also just returned home from their own individual missions.

"Soooo, how'd it go today?" asks the tallest and loudest of them, a red-haired, brown-eyed man appearing in his mid to late twenties, code-named "Mars". The others next to him are Cadettes Eros, Pluto, and Aries. Each of us are all wearing the flight suits still, which consist of black unisuits with a white and gold two-toned two-piece over suit of pants and a jacket and matching boots and helmets.

Eros is a small young man, the youngest of us standing there, and a much more recent recruit than myself, only having been here but six months, with short cropped light brown hair and shocking ice blue eyes. Aries, another Cadette who arrived around the same time I did, has chin-length platinum blonde hair and hazel eyes, and a fresh face with pale skin. Pluto, is the shortest of us, and the only other girl in the group, sporting a waterfall of black hair and violet-blue eyes with deathly pale skin.

"Nothing too out of the ordinary. I got called back for that upcoming drill about midway through, a bit of a letdown. You?" I replied back, curious and still a little disheartened at my mission's short-life for today.

"Too bad for that. Not too exciting on any of our ends today either. I was just patrolling around all day really." Mars quirked back lightheartedly.

"Aries and I were just about to head up to the common area for a quick meal before the drill began though. Would you all care to join us? Mars? Pluto? Nike?" asks Eros sweetly, pointing sheepishly in the direction of said common area.

"Sure thing." I replied, following suit in behind the small brigade.

We entered the common area, which was now filled with the other Cadettes, fresh home from other various missions, and no doubt thinking along the same lines as we were currently – food, and a short break. As the five of us made our way to the meal counter, we were greeted by yet another pair of candidates, Charon and Aphrodite.

"I can't stand doing these drills……hmph! They get soooo boring, and it's always the same thing, never anything new week after week. I wish General Zeus would at least jazz it up once in a while it's too predictable sometimes!!!!" Whined Aphrodite, stomping her foot into the smooth steel floor as if to emphasize on a point. Her thick auburn curls bounced playfully around her face as she did so, blushing in frustration.

"You should appreciate the drills more. They are essential to our survival. Without them you wouldn't know how to act properly in the event of an emergency. What if the Draekyn were to at—" Charon went to scold her calmly, but was immediately cut off by the sounding of a loud, blaring alarm. The entire floor glowed a vibrant red as the siren lights came on, alerting all aboard the mothership.


As the alarm continued sounding off, the lights dimmed and a bright life-sized hologram appeared in the middle of the cafeteria floor. The sirens stopped then and all eyes remained on the holographic figure belonging to our General, Zeus.

"Cadettes! As all of you were notified but two hours ago of the drill to happen shortly, I am notifying you now that this is in fact, not a drill. Several battleships have appeared within a 5,000 mile radius of The Olympus, and are poised for attack as we speak. I repeat: This is NOT a drill. Man your flight units immediately and prepare for an all out assault against the Draekyn armies! We will not let them win! Prepare to launch NOW!" The hologram remained standing, then flickered out of sight as the alarms flared up again and the halls were filled with the red warning lights once more.

Shouts and curses from various Cadettes and flustered rantings from the Techs could be heard everywhere as the seven of us raced down the halls toward the hangar bay, splitting up as we headed for our own units.

"Damn them. Damn them. Damn them!" I cursed under my breath as I jumped into the cockpit of my unit "Nike", slamming the key into the ignition slot and firing up the thrusters with a fury. I smacked noisily against the keys on the console, demanding permission to undock and head out, which was immediately granted. Leaning forward as hard as I could on the thruster controls, I shot my unit out of the hangar with the first of the fleet. Within a matter of a minute or two the entire bay was empty, and all pilots, a whopping 175 of us were screaming full force towards the looming Draekyn battleships just outside our tracking zone.

"How dare they get this close……….how dare they seek us out again like this. We'll destroy them all……..ever last one. They'll pay back for what they did to us." I continue to curse at them mentally.

We would win this battle, and all other battles to come.

One day soon, we would reclaim our spot in the sun; we would rise again as one of the greatest races of all time.

For we were gods once.