when he spoke of love I began to consider leaving. and finding something with less weight, that I could carry for the next few years.

and that alone made me something I didn't like.

so when the day came that I was given gold I could do nothing but shake in fear and throw the offending object to floor.

it wanted to give me a name, so naturally, I ran.

just as natural, I got lost.

then someone fell in love with me, and I could barely keep a grip without bleeding.

and nothing was spared, and eventually people began to forget about me again, and I grew comfortable.

until that immaculate bright blond light found me. and stole my shadows!

once again exposed, I was forced to flee. but caught around my neck were long strings, that forced me back, and into the light. which burned me.

my beautiful skin crackled and fell off, screams rushed from my throat and destroyed the strings.


and He.

found me again, forgave me. told me stories. but I, being wicked, found again my rock. I crawled beneath it and called it home.

words of love ran through the cold, and scared away my cockroaches and snakes with their bright colors.

again I was alone, and forced to be.


and He. did not find me again, though he loved me. he is to be aloneā€¦

as I am to be alone.