i had time on my hands
but then it slipped through

i had a sieve full of sand
but then it all disappeared

my hourglass was filled with grain
and within minutes it was drained

everything i hold
slips through
..am i real?

and all that i love runs away

wont you stay?

i have been defeated by my fists
beaten by my own words
..am i sane?

or am i just full of sand?
sinking beneath into more of my own thoughts
believing the rubbish i have created

only to be turned over again
becoming restless with every grain

the sieve held me in its paws for only a second
just to drop me into a pyramid of my nonsense

i'm shifting through my mind
over and over and over and over and over and over and over again
just to find, that as a whole,
i'm not whole.