A Final Declaration

Silly me for ever once believing
That such a concept was true.
Now put an end to this deceiving.
Now put an end to me and you.

I no longer want these silly notions—
All these dreams that you forgot.
So now I drown in a teardrop ocean...
Why do you even care if I'm distraught?

So go on and desert me once more
And now I hope that you never return
You're the one who slammed shut the door
Causing all this bitterness to churn.

I refused to make a single sound
When you turned and walked away
I will not make you stick around...
I don't care to make you stay.

Instead the reminders I put out of sight
And I will never again look back
It used to be a future bright
But now I'm on a different track.

I hope to God it was worth it—
That you got the satisfaction you craved
When you decided to make your exit
You decided that this could not be saved.

My only apology is that I no longer try
To keep you at my side.
Now all I do is wave a final goodbye
Because I know that we have died.

Deep down I know you'll love again
I know with time that you will heal.
Go find someone better on which to depend
And true happiness you'll one day feel.

I'll find a way to keep my distance—
I won't bother you any more—
And soon you'll forget of the existence
Of one you thought you once adored.

Believe me when I say that this is best
This sudden death, this final separation
So go on now, give your heart some rest...
To you, this is my final declaration.